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      May 26, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Idaho

Idaho MapMany residents of Idaho have already discovered the countless benefits that come from regular participation in an exercise program. Among these benefits are a more active immune system, reduced incidence of chronic disease, and maintenance of ideal weight. In addition, regular exercise can reduce stress and promote feelings of health, well-being, and optimism. Exercise bikes provide the ideal opportunity for cardiovascular exercise, as they can be used by persons of any age, in any weather, in the comfort of a person's own home.

The most popular style of exercise bike is the upright, which is built much like a traditional bicycle. It offers a padded saddle-style seat, positions pedals directly underneath the body, and handlebars are in the front. Experienced cyclists say this could work the gluteal muscles better than other styles of exercise bikes because the rider fully extends the hips through each cycle.

Another type of exercise bike is the recumbent style. This offers a large, chair-like seat that provides complete lumbar support to the back and offers extra stability. The rider is in a reclined position, with weight distributed evenly over a larger area. The seat and pedals are designed to put minimal amounts of pressure on the back. The recumbent exercise bike is ideal for people who experience back problems, have arthritis, or are more than 50 pounds overweight. Many physical therapists recommend the recumbent style of bike for patients who are recovering from injury or surgery.

When selecting an exercise bike, evaluate the needs and desires of the rider before purchase. Basic features of a stationary bike should include quiet handling, workout resistance, and at least a few programming options. Advanced options come with electronic equipment that measure distance, speed, and calories burned. Top-of-the-line exercise bikes could also include a hi-tech LED display console, pulse-driven workouts, longer warranty, and a larger selection of built-in programs. Many options are available, depending on the preferences of the cyclist.

For Idaho residents, the sky really is the limit when it comes to fitness, and riding an exercise bike is the ideal method to achieve top physical form.


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