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      July 23, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Kansas

Kansas MapWatching television, reading a book, keeping an eye on the kids playing in the family room - do these sound like cardiovascular workouts to you? Many Kansas residents are finding that they get an excellent heart and lung workout while doing these activities, if they are riding an exercise bike. They receive the benefits of a low-impact workout at home while multitasking with other duties or hobbies.

Exercise bikes are a favorite among those who are physically fit, due in part to the low impact aspect of not jarring knees, hips, and ankles. Riding an exercise bike allows the cyclist to regulate the intensity of the workout, setting resistance levels and using optional pulse-rate monitors. Exercise bikes are safe to use at any age, with minimal risk of injury.

The upright bike is built similar to a traditional bicycle, with a padded saddle-style seat and pedals placed directly underneath the body. Handlebars are placed in front, requiring arm extension. Cycling experts choose the upright bike style as the best option to strengthen the gluteal muscles.

The recumbent bike features a larger, chair-like seat that provides lumbar support. The rider is in a reclining position, with pedals out in front. The placement of the seat and pedals are designed to provide support to the rider with minimal pressure on the back. Recumbent bikes are perfect for people who have back problems, arthritis, or are more than 50 pounds overweight.

Before choosing an exercise bike, a few standard features are essential regardless of the price. The seat should be comfortable and have the option to adjust easily and quickly. Pedals must be wide enough to accommodate all foot sizes, with a strap or toe cage to keep the foot in place. The bike also needs to include the option to vary levels of pedal resistance. Most bikes offer even more options; these listed are considered to be the must-haves.

Using an exercise bike is the easiest way to participate in a daily exercise program in Kansas.


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