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      June 18, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Maine

Maine MapResidents of Maine are finding that increased physical exercise leads to better health. One of the best ways to be more physically active is by riding an exercise bike. The simple act of riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, could increase an individual's lifespan and reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease.

There are several different types of exercise bikes available. A spinner exercise bike features chain-drive and quick-stop braking, and is for a more advanced rider. This bike is similar to a racing road bike in that it has a higher seat position, low handlebars, and support for multiple riding positions. A spinner exercise bike delivers a realistic cycling experience and a more intense workout.

For riders who are not experienced cyclists and are in moderate to very good health, the upright bike is an ideal choice. The upright is built more like a traditional bicycle, with a saddle-type seat that requires the cyclist to sit upright. Foot pedals are well below the seat, and the handlebars are out in front, requiring the rider to extend their arms. The upright bike works the gluteal and thigh muscles thoroughly.

The recumbent bike is best for those who are more than 50 pounds overweight and suffer from orthopedic conditions or arthritis. It puts the rider in a reclining position, sitting them on a big, chair-like seat. Rider's weight is evenly distributed over a large area, and back and buttocks are fully supported. The pedals are located out in front of the cyclist. The recumbent style is the most comfortable option for those with back problems.

Before purchasing an exercise bike, a rider should consider the features desired. Lower-priced models generally come with basic features such as quiet handling and workout resistance. Slightly higher priced models are usually sturdier, easier to use, and often include magnetic resistance and built-in workout programs. Models that are the most expensive typically come with advanced features such as electronic equipment that measures distance, speed, and calories burned. A wide array of features are available; a rider simply needs to determine which features are most important to have.

Anyone in Maine desiring to become more physically active would do well to check into an exercise bike.


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