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      July 20, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Maryland

Maryland MapMaryland residents considering investing in an exercise bike should understand the different types and features before purchasing. The most well-known type of exercise bike is the upright. Built like a traditional bicycle, it has a padded saddle-type seat, pedals placed directly underneath the rider's body, and handlebars positioned in front. This type of bike may work hip and gluteal muscles the best, since the rider can fully extend the hips through the rotation.

Another type of exercise bike is the recumbent. Featuring a large, chair-like seat, this bike puts the rider in a reclining position and distributes weight evenly over a larger area. The seat provides excellent lumbar support, and placement of the seat pedals in front of the seat put very little pressure on the back. The recumbent bike is best for people who are experiencing back problems, suffering from arthritis, or have other orthopedic conditions.

The spinner exercise bike is for advanced riders. With a higher seat position, low handlebars, and support for multiple riding positions, this bike gives an intense workout. Almost like a road racing bike, the rider has a realistic cycling experience, due to the chain-drive and quick-stop braking.

Different models of bikes across all three types offer a wide array of features. Basic features of any exercise bike should include quiet handling, workout resistance, and easy seat adjustment. Slightly more expensive bikes are generally sturdier, easier to use, and often include features like magnetic resistance and heart-rate control. Higher priced models have advanced features, including electronic capabilities to measure distance cycled and calories burned. The top-of-the-line exercise bikes should include all of the features previously mentioned, as well as push-button resistance control, a hi-tech LED display console, a longer warranty, and heart-rate driven workouts. Comparing different brands and determining important features will help the cyclist decide on the model that will suit them best.

Anyone in Maryland can enjoy being in great physical shape by regularly riding an exercise bike.


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