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      November 15, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Massachusetts

Massachusetts MapMassachusetts residents have more options than ever before when selecting an exercise bike. Whether the rider is a beginning cyclist in good health, an experienced outdoor bike rider, or an individual with back pain or joint problems, it is easy to find the ideal exercise bike.

The recumbent exercise bike is perfect for people who have back pain, arthritis, or orthopedic conditions. Featuring a large, comfortable seat, it puts the rider in a reclined position that distributes body weight over a larger area and offers extra stability. The back and buttocks are fully supported, with the pedals located out in front to put minimal stress on the back. Physical therapists frequently recommend recumbent bikes for patients who are recovering from an injury or are in rehabilitation after a surgery.

Upright exercise bikes are similar to traditional bicycles, in that the rider sits upright on a saddle-style seat. Foot pedals are placed directly underneath the body, and handlebars are positioned in front, requiring the rider to extend their arms. Most people are more accustomed to riding an upright style bike, so this type is familiar to many riders.

Spinner exercise bikes are almost like an outdoor racing bike. They have a higher seat, low handlebars, and support for multiple riding positions. With a chain-drive and quick-stop braking, spinner exercise bikes give a more intense workout and are considered the ideal bike for an advanced rider.

Although there are multiple features available, a cyclist needs to determine which features are important to them before making a purchase. Basic exercise bikes should all include smooth, silent operation as well as workout resistance options. Moderately-priced bikes are typically sturdier and easier to use, and often come with built-in programs. The highest-priced models come with more advanced features, including displays to measure distance ridden, average speed, and number of calories burned. Some models also include cooling fans for the rider and iPod connectivity with built-in speakers. Whatever the desired features, there is an exercise bike that meets the description.

For anyone living in the state of Massachusetts, exercise bikes are a great way to become physically fit.


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