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      February 26, 2020

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Exercise Bikes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire MapWatching television, listening to music, reading a book - do these sound like they are activities that deliver a great cardiovascular workout? If you are riding an exercise bike while doing them, they can all be part of your physical fitness program!

Mayo Clinic findings state that riding an exercise bike strengthens the heart to pump blood more efficiently, increasing the amount of good cholesterol while lowering the bad cholesterol. In addition, the lung capacity becomes greater, increasing the body's ability to utilize oxygen. Many New Hampshire residents are finding that riding an exercise bike helps reach and achieve optimal weight, as well as increasing feelings of emotional well-being. These are just a few of the benefits that people are experiencing from having an exercise bike in their home.

There are several basic types of exercise bikes. The recumbent style features a large, chair-like seat that supports the back and offers extra stability. The seat puts the rider in a reclined position, with weight evenly distributed over a large area. The pedals are located out in front of the rider, and the placement of the pedals exerts little pressure on the back. This type of bike is ideal for people who are more than 50 pounds overweight, experience back problems, or have arthritis. In addition, the recumbent bike is often used during physical therapy because it doesn't put stress on the spine or the joints.

The upright exercise bike is similar in style to a traditional bicycle. The seat is small and padded, requiring the rider to sit upright on it. Handlebars are in front of the bike, and pedals are placed below the seat. Most people are familiar with this style of bike, especially if they have ridden an outdoor bike.

When it comes to beginning an exercise program or continuing with one to achieve physical fitness goals, exercise bikes are an excellent choice for anyone living in New Hampshire!


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