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      May 26, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma MapAnyone living in Oklahoma who has already had a heart attack knows that they are now at increased risk of having a second one. Heart attack survivors should have been informed by a doctor of preventative measures that can be taken to reduce their risk. An individual who is trying to avoid another such experience needs to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. They also need to maintain ideal weight and participate in a regular program of cardiovascular exercise. One of the best ways to maintain optimal weight and receive cardiovascular exercise is to ride an exercise bike.

The two most common types of exercise bike are the recumbent and the upright. Recumbent exercise bikes feature a large, chair-like seat that supports the back and offers extra stability. The seat puts the rider in a reclining position, with feet on pedals that are out in front of the cyclist. The rider's weight is evenly distributed over a larger area, with back and buttocks fully supported and the positioning of the foot pedals designed to put minimal pressure on the back.

The recumbent exercise bike is ideal for people who are more than 50 pounds overweight, experience back problems, or have arthritis or other orthopedic conditions. The upright exercise bike is similar in build to an outdoor bike, with a small seat that the rider sits upright on. The handlebars are positioned out in front of the rider's body, with foot pedals directly below the hips. The upright exercise bike may work the gluteal muscles better than the recumbent, as the rider's legs must extend fully to complete the cycle rotation. Each type of exercise bike offers distinct advantages to the cyclist.

When beginning any exercise program, experts recommend starting out in periods of short duration and low intensity. Then, as strength and endurance begin to build up, gradually increase the rigor and length of the workouts. Following these guidelines will help ensure that muscles aren't strained or pulled from exercising.

Oklahoma residents who are serious about their health will appreciate the many benefits that come from riding an exercise bike.


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