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      May 22, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Texas

Texas MapSome people in Texas have invested in exercise bikes which have arm movement attachments, allowing the cyclist to work the arms and build muscle tone. Along with the foot pedal resistance programs that came with the bike, the arm attachments increase the workout intensity and deliver an excellent cardiovascular workout. Benefits of participating in a regular cardiovascular workout program include, lower blood pressure, more favorable cholesterol levels, and reduced chance of chronic disease. Health experts recommend participating in a regular exercise program of moderate intensity for 30 minutes, at least 5 days a week.

In addition to arm movement attachments, there are many other options available when it comes to exercise bikes. Minimal features of an exercise bike should include quiet handling, workout resistance, and a comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted for height. Higher-tech options include electronic programs that measure distance ridden, average speed, and number of calories burned. Some bikes come with a wireless heart-rate monitor, built-in workout programs, and push-button resistance control. A few exercise bikes even have fans to keep the cyclist cool, built-in speakers with iPod connectivity, water bottle holder, and a built-in magazine rack. Whatever the preferences of the rider, there is a bike out there which has that specific list of features.

Before purchasing an exercise bike, the rider should consider cost. After identifying desirable features, compare models that offer them and decide which bike will deliver the most value for the money. Also, double check the weight capacity to ensure the rider will be within acceptable limits. Take into consideration the terms of the warranty. A good warranty covers parts, frame, and labor for at least one year from date of purchase. Inquire whether the company will provide a full refund if the bike is not satisfactory after purchase. Following these guidelines will help to purchase the right exercise bike.

Thanks to the internet, people in Texas have many available options when it comes to purchasing an exercise bike.


Bike lanes being designed will connect three Tyler colleges

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Group to collect hundreds of bikes in Portland, donate to kids

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Healthy Texas promotes nutritious eating, exercise with 'Smoothie Bike' at TAMUxSXSW

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