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      February 19, 2019

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Exercise Bikes in Vermont

Vermont MapWhen it comes to healthiest states in the nation, Vermont wins second place. Residents of Vermont have obviously discovered what health experts have been saying for years: participating in a regular exercise program improves health and increases longevity. Many people have found these benefits from regularly riding an exercise bike.

There are two basic types of exercise bikes; the recumbent and the upright. The recumbent exercise bike features a large, comfortable, chair-like seat that supports the back and offers extra stability. The rider is in a reclined position, with weight evenly distributed over a larger area. The seat provides lumbar support, and feet are on pedals that are out in front of the rider. The recumbent exercise bike is ideal for persons who are more than fifty pounds overweight, suffer from arthritis, or have back problems.

The other type of exercise bike is the upright. This is designed for the rider to sit up straight on a small, padded seat, with arms extending forward to the handlebars and legs extended below the hips to the pedals. The upright bike may give a more intense workout to the gluteal muscles, as the legs are extended through the cycle. Both types of exercise bikes offer specific advantages to the rider.

When considering an exercise bike for purchase, keep in mind the available space in the home or office. Some exercise bikes are compact-sized and can be folded between workout sessions, allowing them to easily be stowed under the bed or in a closet. Other models are larger and more stationary. Determining how much space can be comfortably allowed to the exercise bike will ensure that is doesn't become an unwelcome and unwanted piece of furniture.

Many Vermont residents have already discovered the improvements to health and emotional well-being that result from regularly working out on an exercise bike.


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