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      May 25, 2018

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Exercise Bikes in Washington

Washington MapWashington residents can choose from a couple different styles of exercise bikes. The recumbent bike features a large, chair-like seat that supports the back and offers extra stability. The rider sits in a reclined position, with body weight distributed evenly over a greater area. The comfortable seat provides lumbar support, and foot pedals are out in front of the rider, placing minimal stress on the back. The recumbent bike is best for individuals who experience back problems, are more than 50 pounds overweight, or suffer from arthritis.

The upright bike is similar to a traditional bicycle. It has a smaller padded seat, with the handlebars out in front and the foot pedals directly underneath the seat. This type of bike may work the gluteal muscles more thoroughly than the recumbent, since the rider fully extends the legs through each cycle rotation.

Before purchasing an exercise bike, it is wise to become acquainted with the different available features. All bikes should offer workout resistance, quiet handling, and at least a few programmable options. Bike models that are more advanced have electronic equipment that measures average speed, calories burned, and distance ridden. Many exercise bikes offer wireless heart-rate monitors, push-button resistance control, pulse-driven workouts, and a large number of built-in programming options. Every bike should offer at least a year warranty on parts, frame, and labor, and if the bike is very hi-tech, the warranty needs to extend for longer than one year. There is a myriad of different features available when it comes to exercise bikes.

An exercise bike should be stable and unmoving, regardless of how intensely it is being ridden. If young children are present, it also needs to have a fully-enclosed chain, and all other moving parts should be covered. Also, the operation of the exercise bike should be relatively silent, as excessive noise could prevent the rider from hearing the phone ring or the baby cry. Verifying these safety factors will help the rider purchase the best bike for their needs.

Many different features are available to an individual in Washington who is looking for the perfect exercise bike. With a little research, the right bike is easy to find.


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