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      September 20, 2020

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Pillows vs Down Pillows

To help you find the Best Feather Pillows, provides you with an in-depth comparison of Pillows and Down Pillows.

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Get Your Feather Pillows at the Down & Feather Company Today! Where can you buy the best feather pillows? If you've ever gotten the best night's sleep of your life when spending a night at a luxury hotel, you might be wondering where you can buy their feather pillows for your own home.

You're in luck: there are a number of online retailers who can make your sweet dreams a reality by offering the very same pillows for purchase. But why are feather pillows so popular?

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Best Reviews


Feather Pillows Reviews

3.5 stars


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From $39.99 to $219.99

75+ pillow options available

As a family-based business, Pillows (originally Pacific Pillows) got its start in 2004 with a goal of supplying bedding and pillows from luxury hotels around the world to everyday customers for home use.

Fun shopping experience

Pillows offers shoppers one of the most intuitive sites for hassle-free online buying. You'll have no problem using the options on the side of the page to quickly narrow down the choices by sleeping position, pillow size, price range, firmness level and more. Our favorite feature is being able to shop by hotel location - so if you know you had the feather pillow of your dreams while staying at the Hilton or Marriott, you can find it at Pillows with just a click.

Over 70 pillows to choose from

This retailer carries just over 70 options for feather pillows from a variety of brands. On the high end you'll see the Down Chamber pillow for $219.99, from the Pacific Coast brand (another retailer in our review), and on the low end is the Manchester Mills Down Dream pillow for $39.99. Would it surprise you to know that these bargain feather pillows are the ones often used at the Waldorf-Astoria, according to Pillows? There are also body pillows and throw pillows available if you need those sizes.

30/90 day returns

Pillows wants you to really love your feather pillow. So, you've got two options if you don't: 30 days for a refund or 90 days for an exchange. Your pillow has to be in like new condition for a return or exchange (and we're not exactly sure how that works if you've been sleeping on it for almost three months!). If your pillow is damaged (or not "like new"), you'll get a 50% credit. Pillows provides you with a return shipping label either way, but they'll deduct $9.99 from any refunds issued.

Good customer reviews

As we looked a little further into Pillow's reputation, we found mostly positives. With over 21,000 independently-verified customer ratings, the store comes out with an average score of 4.8 out of 5. Most people would use this site again for their purchase, which is a good sign. But, going a little deeper by clicking on the BBB link at the bottom of the page, we found that Pillows is actually the same company as Pacific Coast and Down Pillows. Unfortunately, that means that all three companies are covered under the same filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy - which could leave you without a return policy or warranty at some point in the future.

Hopefully they stick around

We still give Pillows a good rating and ranking for their selection of feather pillows and their streamlined, customer-friendly online store. On the other hand, there are alternatives for buying your pillows that might offer more reassuring satisfaction policies and warranty coverage if Pillows and its related brands aren't able to come back from their financial troubles.

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2.5 stars
Down Pillows


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Cost depends on the brand

Small selection of feather pillows

Down Pillows wants to be your provider of luxury down pillows and other bedding. Started by two entrepreneurs in 2007, the company specializes in higher-end feather pillows for home use.

Frustrating shopping experience

Down Pillows isn't the easiest site to shop. Instead of being able to sort through all of their inventory with helpful filters like price, customer rating, or size, you have to start by selecting a brand: Cloud Nine Comforts, Down Etc., Encompass Group, Pacific Coast, Pillowtex, or United Feather & Down. Most people looking for pillows probably don't already have a preferred brand name in mind, making the process a little frustrating as they have to click back and forth across brands to compare pillows they like.

No descriptions

Even when you've chosen a brand, you'll still have to click around in the results page to figure out what Down Pillows is selling. For example, when we selected Pacific Coast, three of the six options were simply labeled "Pacific Coast" - with three different pictures, but no description for how they differed. Short of going through every single product in their inventory, Down Pillows doesn't make it easy to know how many feather pillows they carry or at what prices.

Variety of choices

For comparison with other retailers, here are a couple of the pillows you'll find with this store. Encompass Group is a major supplier of high-end hotels worldwide, and Down Pillows sells five styles of their products. These range from white duck or goose down to 50/50 down/feather blends. Looking just at the goose down styles, prices range from $89.99 for one standard pillow to $379.99 for a 4-pack of king-size pillows.

Cloud Nine is known as a source of custom bedding that has made its way into model homes and high-end remodels around the world. They make pillows that are 50/50 polyester/white feathers, ranging in price from $54.99 for one queen pillow to $134.99 for two king pillows.

Free shipping - or not

What about shipping? Here's another way that the Down Pillows site is confusing: at the top of the page, it says shipping is free on orders over $75, but at the bottom it has in big, bold print, "FREE ground shipping on ALL ORDERS" to the continental US. We recommend that if you have a smaller order that doesn't meet that $75 threshold and your total shows a shipping charge, reach out to the company's customer service team and ask them to waive the fee.

30 night sleep guarantee

All feather pillows sold by this retailer have a 30-night Sleep Guarantee: if you're not happy with your purchase, you can get your money back and your return shipping label is free.

Part of a larger company

One of the reasons Down Pillows' website might need a little attention is because they're a small division of a larger company: the retailer named Pillows (go figure) that you will also find in our reviews. Pillows has an "A" grade and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, which is a mark in the plus column for Down Pillows too.

Better choices elsewhere

However, the Pillows site is much easier to shop - and you'll probably find most of the same feather pillows sold by Down Pillows. That's why we recommend you either shop directly through the Pillows site or with one of the other retailers we evaluated: your overall experience, selection and pricing will likely be better than what you'll get from Down Pillows.

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Continued from above

Many people prefer natural materials over synthetics, and some customers say that having feather- or down-filled pillows makes for a cooler, more comfortable rest. Plus, compared with foam-filled designs, feather pillows are more easily shaped to your head, neck, or any other body part that needs gentle support.

That feature makes feather pillows equally popular with interior decorators: a good down-filled pillow can be plumped, fluffed and shaped to look absolutely perfect in a model home or social media photo. In fact, there are online stores dedicated solely to feather throw pillows for home decor!

Whether you're freshening the look of your living room or replacing your flattened bed pillows, shopping online puts the best selection of feather pillows at your fingertips. But, not all stores are created equal. Here are a few helpful criteria to keep in mind as you decide where to buy your pillows:

  • Selection. The best stores carry a wide range of inventory, from budget-friendly basic styles to hotel-level luxury pillows.
  • Pricing. How do the prices compare to other retailers'? Are there any perks like free shipping or promo discounts that can make your purchase even more affordable?
  • Ease of Navigation. If a store has a great selection of pillows but their website makes it hard to find what you need, you might wind up feeling frustrated. Choose a retailer with a well-designed online store to minimize hassles.
  • Reputation. What do other customers say about their experience with the store and their satisfaction with the feather pillows they purchased? has reviewed and ranked the best online retailers of feather pillows available today. We hope this information helps you get exactly what you need for a blissful night's sleep!

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