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      September 18, 2019

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What Kind Of Flowers Can Be Delivered?

The easy answer to that question is to answer it with another question - how much money do you want to spend? If the sky is the limit, then the choices are nearly limitless. An on-line search will find you a flower vendor who deals in exotics, delicates and rarities. And just about anything can be shipped overnight. It is fair to say however, prices per stem, special packaging and expedited shipping will be higher for the unusual to be shipped unusually.

On a more mundane note, most florists use about 40 different finds of flowers on a regular basis in their bouquets, arrangements and center pieces. All ship well and some are longer lasting than others. Remember, day lilies are called day lilies for a reason, so if you request them, know they are brief. When it comes to lilies, a staple in bouquets, Asiatic and stargazer will give you more bang for your buck. Calla lilies in white, yellow and pink make fine focal points in a floral arrangement and can be included by request when you are ordering flowers to be shipped.

Carnations, either large individual blooms or mini multiple-head sprays, both natural and enhanced colors, are likely to make an appearance any time flowers are grouped together by the hands of a professional florist. Long stemmed, long lasting and relatively inexpensive, carnations are available year-round.

Chrysanthemums, in at least eight different varieties, pompon, daisy-like, cushion, spider and more, and in a wide range of colors from creamy ivory to deep bronze, are also a basic foundation of most floral arrangements year round. Again, singly or mini sprays, this beautiful workhorse of a flower, easily supports the main idea of a professionally arranged floral bouquet.

In the language of flowers, freesia means 'long lasting' and it lives up to its meaning. Freesia are almost a given in arrangements and bouquets and are often the last flower standing when the rest have drooped, wilted and withered. Creams, yellows, pinks, red and a purple or two, all available all the time. They ship well.

Sprays of lavender novi belgii asters, which you probably know by sight, but not by name, and purple liatris spikes, commonly known as gay feather, also ship well, are always available. The same goes for statis, offering multiple small blue blooms on a stalk and gerbera, daisy-like but stronger of stem and vibrant are available throughout the year and ship very well in a arrangement or bouquet.

And then there are roses, and roses, and roses; all the same and different, too. Some smelling sweet and some barely offering a scent. Small, large, white to almost black (black roses mean "I'm dumping you" so be sure that's the message you want to send when you place your order), they ship well and are universally available. Send the red ones to your lover, not your daughter, on Valentine's Day.

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Taylor Swift sends flowers with special message to newlywed Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

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