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      September 24, 2018

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Best Flower Delivery

Fresh flowers can bring a smile to anyone's face. Besides the joy everyone feels in receiving a gift, flowers add a touch of class to any event. In fact, Rutgers University recently completed a study that shows flowers have an immediate impact on happiness, a long-term positive effect on moods, and make for closer connections between the sender and recipient.

While this may sound like common sense, it reinforces the fact that if you want to make a positive impression on someone, sending flowers is an excellent choice.

Continue reading below reviews

Best Reviews


Flower Delivery Reviews

5 stars
Send Flowers



Starting at $29.99


Limited Time Only - automatic 15% discount on every order Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Send Flowers has the best selection of all the flower delivery services in our review. Beyond the basics such as roses, flowers, and plants, they also offer teddy bears, balloons, gift baskets, and chocolates to meet your entire gift giving needs. Most impressive was the up-to-date flower arrangements, more than any other site, offered at a very fair price.

Send Flowers allows orders for delivery to be placed both same-day, or scheduled out for delivery far in advance. If you're looking for same-day delivery, orders must be placed by 3 pm in the recipient's time zone Monday through Friday. For Saturday delivery, the cut off time is noon.

Some features of Send Flowers that we especially like are:

  • The quality and appearance of the arrangements is unmatched by any other competitor. Send Flowers doesn't charge extra for the latest vases and you don't have to send an outdated arrangement just to stick within your budget.
  • An easy-to-use website with convenient search methods. They even provide a keyword search tool that can let you zero-in on the exact type of floral arrangement you're looking for.
  • A promise to deliver beautiful, fresh flowers, or they will do whatever they can to satisfy the customer.

Send Flowers has connections with over 33,000 florists in the US and Canada, and also provides flower delivery service to more than 140 countries worldwide. Send Flowers offers a well-designed website that is engaging and very user friendly. The selection of flowers and gifts is second to none. They offer very attractive arrangements and plants that are up-to-date with today's fashion and trends. You don't have to page through hundreds of ugly, outdated floral arrangements to find the one you're looking for.

Send Flowers is a professional, dependable company with an attention to detail. Combined with competitive pricing and excellent customer service, Send Flowers earns our highest rating.

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4.5 stars
From You Flowers



Starting at $29.99

From You Flowers has an attractive and engaging website, with beautiful pictures of hundreds of floral arrangements. You're given the ability to upgrade or downgrade each order, depending on your budget. And not only that, they make it very easy for you to add other "extras" to your floral order, such as balloons, chocolates, and even teddy bears.

When you first visit the From You Flowers webpage, you're presented with a selection of bouquets appropriate to the current season or holiday. You're also able to quickly view the current Top Selling floral arrangements, so you can see what's popular right now.

To further narrow down your search for the flowers you're looking for, you can browse floral arrangements by the following categories:

  • Occasions - such as birthdays, new baby, anniversary, and more
  • Flower Type - such as roses, tulips, or best selling
  • Sale - floral arrangements that are available at a discount
  • Price - sort the flower arrangements by price
  • Sympathy - Choose from flowers, plants, wreaths, and more
  • Gift Baskets - an impressive array of gift baskets including Fruit, Wine, Chocolate, and Corporate gifts
  • Same Day - Flower arrangements that are available for same day delivery

From You Flowers has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all their orders, so you can feel assured that you'll be happy with the results of your order. They even have a "Track My Order" function so you can instantly see online where your order is. And they've received universally high marks for their overall value and price.

With excellent customer service, quality flowers, and attention to detail, From You Flowers earns a very high rating.

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3 stars
The Flower Factory



Starting at $29.99, plus a $13.99 service fee

The Flower Factory is based in Los Angeles and has been serving customers worldwide since 1993. If you like to work with small businesses with a large reach - including the entire FTD network of florists and over 80 countries worldwide - you might enjoy giving your business to The Flower Factory. (You can even check out their Facebook page to see some of their famous in-store customers: think Hollywood!)

Start at the top of their page to browse everything they have to offer:

  • Birthday
  • Sympathy
  • Occasions
  • Flowers & Plant
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Gifts

Whether you're looking strictly for flowers or for gifts that include chocolates or stuffed animals, The Flower Factory has a wide selection to choose from. Most of the flower bouquets come with a vase, even those that don't specifically mention it in the short product description by each image. You may have to go into the longer description to verify that your arrangement does include one. You may also need to select which size of bouquet interests you; for example, with a rose bouquet, Standard tends to include one dozen, Deluxe has 18, Premium comes with two dozen, and Exquisite has 36 roses.

Deliveries can be made same-day; you'll need to make sure to place your order before 2PM in your recipient's time zone. As you browse, you'll also see items - particularly those that include add-ons like candy or other gifts - that ship in a gift box via FedEx or UPS. Unfortunately, you'll need to factor in a delivery fee of $13.99 for every order. That definitely increases the price of your flower gift, especially compared with other services in our review that don't charge anything extra for delivery.

Another concern that we had came from customer reviews. We found multiple instances where the bouquet received was very different from what was pictured on the website - and although The Flower Factory sent a new bouquet, sometimes it too was still vastly different from what the customer wanted. Yes, they have numerous verified customer reviews on their site - you can see them scroll by at the bottom of the page - but they seem to have been written shortly after the order was placed. Given the problems we found that specifically related to delivery (for example, the wrong item, the wrong name on card, late shipment, and so on), we wonder if those reviews would be significantly different if gathered later in the process. Fortunately, the business does maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so clearly they're doing something right.

We love the idea of supporting small businesses, so we hope that The Flower Factory can consider reducing their delivery fees and pay a bit more attention to making sure that deliveries match the product description (while understanding that, for non-local deliveries, they are at the mercy of their network partner florists).

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2.5 stars
Harry & David

HARRY & DAVID Visit Site


From $39.99 to $74.99

Harry & David's is a world-renowned company when it comes to gift-giving: everything from gift baskets and towers to gourmet food and wine. If you prefer to give flowers to your lucky recipients, Harry & David has you covered there too. Options include live plants, bulbs, trees and wreaths, and more traditional floral arrangements.

When it comes specifically to flower bouquets, Harry & David's selection is pretty skimpy: 16 total options ranging from mixed flowers to tulips and roses. Selections are either shipped overnight (while only being charged for standard delivery rates) or shipped in a gift box - no options for same-day delivery. This definitely brings Harry & David's down in terms of convenience and options, compared with other flower delivery services we reviewed.

In fact, we were left wondering why Harry & David's continues to sell flowers - given that they became a part of the 1-800-Flowers family of brands several years ago, it would seem that shoppers would get access to a better range of options for flower delivery by working with their partner brand whose specialty is obviously flowers.

The good news is that as part of that group of brands, you get an excellent satisfaction guarantee whether you buy your flowers from Harry & David's or 1-800-Flowers: you or your recipient must be delighted, or you'll get a refund or replacement with no hassles. And, their track record in that regard is solid: they genuinely honor their commitment to keeping their customers happy.

So, while you will definitely find a better selection of flower arrangements with other retailers, Harry & David's is still worth considering - especially if you're already participating in the Celebrations Passport that offers discounts and free shipping across the family of brands (e.g. Harry & David's, 1-800-Flowers, The Popcorn Company, and others).

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2.5 stars
Pro Flowers



Starting at $24.99

You've probably heard of ProFlowers. They have a large marketing and advertising budget, and have experienced rapid growth in the last few years. Their website is professional and easy to use; you can search by occasion, flower type, plants only, and price. Seasonal favorites, most popular bouquets, and special offers are available with one click of the mouse.

ProFlowers offers a wide range of products to choose from. The price range is acceptable and the flowers are guaranteed to stay fresh for 7 days. However, the delivery of these flowers leaves us less than impressed.

ProFlowers also offers some unique features that we really like:

  • A Bill Me Later option, which allows the customer to choose the option of being sent a statement in the mail to pay in full or in portions with interest.
  • An entire wedding site linked to ProFlowers, which includes a wealth of information for brides including tips, ideas, frequently asked questions and a place to hear comments from real customers.
  • "Months of flowers" with deliveries of 3, 6 or 12 months of flowers. These packages range in price from $139.98 for the three months of flowers to $499.98 for the full year of flowers. This unique feature allows customers to remember their loved ones with the quick click of a button to ensure a beautiful and fresh bouquet is delivered each month.

However, one overriding factor to take into consideration is the delivery of the flowers. Unique to ProFlowers, all deliveries come through the mail in a box - not prearranged and hand-delivered like a traditional florist. Once the recipient receives the box, they must open it, remove the vase and flowers from inside, fill the vase with water, and arrange the flowers themselves. This can make for some pretty clumsy-looking flower arrangements, since most people don't know how to arrange flowers effectively.

The whole delivery method also takes away from the joy of receiving fresh flowers, because the recipient must spend time out of their day "working" with the flowers and trying to make them look pretty. Instead of a joyful experience, this can easily turn into frustration - just the opposite effect of what the flowers are supposed to deliver!

ProFlowers has a very clean and professional website, and has implemented some very creative ideas with it. It's unfortunate that we can't rank the service higher because the delivery of the product is so poor.

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2.5 stars
Flora 2000

FLORA 2000 Visit Site


Starting at $49.99

Flora 2000 is a European flower and gift delivery company. The Flora 2000 website stands out with beautiful pictures of flowers that look fresh and up-to-date. Flora 2000 mainly services customers with deliveries in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and India.

With any flower delivery company you wonder where the flowers will originate from. Flora 2000 specializes in an overnight, two or three day delivery that are created from regional fulfillment centers. For same-day deliveries, you can expect a local florist to create a similar replica and deliver as requested. The same day delivery selection is different than the other Flora 2000 options and look pretty status quo.

Flora 2000 also has a rather sporadic and somewhat odd gift selection. We found a few belts, some hampers (what we call gift baskets), inexpensive faux diamond jewelry, overpriced sunglasses and a few other odds and ends. It was definitely an unusual assortment of gift options you wouldn't typically find with your flower delivery options.

Flora 2000 attempts to stand out by offering, what they call, fair pricing. We found the prices to be generally in the mid priced range. However, be aware that many of the arrangements do not come with vases and if they aren't included you can expect to pay $10 to $20 more. The website also attempts to stand out by offering an on-line chat service for quick assistance. We attempted to ask a question, via this method, during the middle of a business day and found it took over 10 minutes for someone to respond to our question. Their response was also not clear nor very helpful.

In our quest to find satisfied customers we did notice many unhappy customers complaining of flowers that were brown and lacking the fresh beauty we expect from an expensive flower delivery. We also found frustrated customers when efforts to rectify delivery issues were not done so quickly.

Unfortunately, the initial excitement we had upon arrival at Flora 2000 dissipated as we looked closer at the overall product and customer service experience. Pictures of flowers are beautiful but we were disappointed to find that some orders come with vases and some did not, that they require our assembly and that a history of strong customer service doesn't exist. If you are looking for beautiful flowers and a dependable company, we suggest you shop higher on the list.

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2 stars
Flowers Fast



Starting at $29.90

Flowers Fast gives their users many ways to search for a product, such as price range, occasion, or gift ideas. Seasonal choices are highlighted depending on the time of year that you enter the website. For instance in spring, Easter bouquets might be showcased.

Unique elements to Flowers Fast are:

  • Customers can make special requests, choosing only the price and flower types to place in the arrangement. Then the order is given to a professional florist, who fills the order with the guidelines given. For example, if a customer wanted to spend $40 and only wanted Lilies, then the florist would use as many Lilies to fill the order as appropriate.
  • Cheesecakes and candy baskets are available to send to accompany the order.
  • Lengthy descriptions are given next to each bouquet, which might be helpful for some customers, but overall they are unnecessary comments that crowd the website.

The website for Flowers Fast leaves a lot to be desired. The website is crowded and confusing, and the photographs and graphics and less professional than the other sites in our review. Although the prices are affordable, finding what you're looking for can be painful. We suggest you try one of the top-rated selections first.

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1.5 stars
1 800 Florals

1 800 FLORALS Visit Site


Starting at $30.00, plus tax and a services fee

1-800-Florals has been in the business for over 75 years, more than half a century than their closest competitors. Customers can shop by product type or occasion. Deliveries can be made the same day if the order is placed by 1 pm in the recipient's time zone on weekdays and noon on Saturdays. Otherwise, next day delivery is normal if orders are placed after the cutoff. A glossary of flowers is available to view on the website along with important floral holidays, flower color trends, flower care, flower meaning, flower giving tips, seasonal suggestions and holiday reminders.

With a multitude of resources, 1-800-Florals knows what the customer wants, but the website is not as clean as it could be. Images crowd and overwhelm users, especially the ones used on the side navigation bar, which are intended to help the customer search quickly, but in reality can be quite confusing.

Prices for arrangements are average and they accept all major credit cards. Unfortunately, 1-800-Florals automatically adds a 6.75% tax on all orders, and they assess a delivery fee of $7.95 to deliveries made in the United States and Canada, and $17.95 for international deliveries. This makes the price per floral arrangement among the most expensive in our review.

Overall, 1-800-Florals is built on solid experience and a good reputation. However their website design could be far better, and their "hidden" costs raise the price for their service above the competition.

Visit Site

Continued from above

However, there are many stories where sending flowers has gone terribly wrong. Flowers that never show up; delivery of the wrong floral arrangement; and old dried-up flowers delivered instead of fresh cut flowers - these things happen every day, and can turn a happy occasion into a nightmare.

There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding to send flowers to someone. Some of these include:

  • Selection. You should be able to choose from a variety of arrangements, and see what will be delivered.
  • Dependability. You want the flowers to be delivered on time and to the right address, no questions asked.
  • Cost. You should get good value for your dollar. has reviewed and ranked the best flower delivery services available today. We hope this information helps you add a touch of class to your next flower delivery!

Is It Safe To Send Flowers Online?

In a nutshell - yes, it is safe to send flowers online.

Today florists, from the small business in your neighborhood to the large flower vendors who are a major on-line presence, make every effort to protect you, your personal information and your banking and credit card information.

Although you may use a debit card to pay for your on-line purchase, many flower vendors and florist shops prefer you use a credit card for the on-line transaction to provide you with an extra layer of financial protection. If, in the unlikely event, your credit card information should escape into the world outside of the transaction between you and them, by using your credit card, any fraudulent charges of more than $50 are handled by your credit card company and in most cases, any fraudulent charges under, and up to, $50 are handled by the vendor itself.

Florists who do business on-line promise, and hold true to that promise, that any personal information you give them in the course of placing your flower order with them, remains with them alone. Personal information will not be sold to other marketers.

You will be asked for your phone number and email address so that, in the event of a problem with your order, it can be corrected as fast as possible. You maybe asked for a second telephone number at which you can be reached just to raise the probability of actually speaking with you should there be a problem. Most likely, immediately after your transaction is complete, you will receive an email from the vendor. But, your credit card will not be billed until your order is ready for transmission or shipment.

Secure servers with encryption programs are utilized to handle the on-line transactions. The encryption process involves both sides of the transaction, encrypting information independently from each end, thereby increasing the security of your information on both ends.

It is common practice for the customer to begin shopping in an unsecure area of the flower vendor's website, but when it comes time to finalize the transaction, you will be directed by prompts to a secure area of the vendor's website. Often you will receive a written message on your screen informing you that you are now entering or exiting the secure area of the website. Another way to know whether you are in a secure or unsecure area of the vendor's website is to look for a small icon in the shape of a padlock. If the padlock is open, the area in which you currently are in is not a secure one. In an unsecure area, personal information will not asked for nor needed. When you are in the secure area of the website, the area where personal, banking and credit card information is required, you will again find the padlock icon, but this time it will be in the closed/locked position.

Shopping for flowers on-line and having your gift delivered, possibly the same day, if you place the order before 1p.m in the time zone of the recipient, has never been easier or safer.


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