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What Holidays Are Good Ones To Send Flowers?

Valentine's Day is, without question, the busiest day of the year for florists and the drivers who spend the occasion sprinting from truck to door, delivering red, pink and white flowers of all persuasions to loved ones of all kinds - lovers, spouses, parents, and children. It goes without saying, this is the day for long-stemmed, red roses sent from the heart of an admirer to homes and workplaces of those held dear.

Second on the list in our hearts is Mother's Day. Many of us are lucky enough to have a Mother to be on the receiving end. Flowers, large or small, her favorite or whatever fits your budget, accompanied by a phone call, just like flattery, will get you everywhere with Mom. Definitely, this holiday is an opportunity not to be missed.

But those are far from the only holidays where a knock on the door from the florist will bring a smile. Just ask a man who had flowers delivered to him on Father's Day. He might not remember which ugly tie he got which year, but he can remember the day the bouquet came with his name on it, even if he finishes the sentence with "I'm not a flower kind of guy."

Thanksgiving Day is always a great holiday for sending and receiving flowers, even, and maybe especially, if you can't be at the dinner table. Send a live, floral centerpiece and your name will come up in conversation, in a nice way, as the dinner guests arrange themselves in anticipation of a favorite feast.

A poinsettia, red, pink, white, with or without sprayed on glitter to make it extra festive, it always a great choice to send to anyone on your list. Long lasting, these live plants are a great choice and do their cheerful jobs from Thanksgiving until Christmas. They still look great until late Spring, providing a splash of color until Nature takes over. For Christmas Day, a Christmas Rose centerpiece would look great gracing the dinner table.

Memorial Day picnics or Fourth of July backyard shindigs are perfect occasions for sending floral arrangements. Red and white flowers with blue ribbons and a couple of ornamental sprigs to add glitzy sparkle are just the ticket as additions to the festive table decorations. A Labor Day picnic, marking the end of summer, could also be a fine time for flowers.

Easter Sunday is a great reason to have your florist deliver lilies, hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils, some as potted bulbs you can plant in the garden for next year's bloom, some as cut flowers in a bouquet filled out with pussy willow or forsythia. Even if the weather doesn't look springlike outdoors, it will look it indoors with a delivery from the flower shop.

Corned beef and cabbage dinners could be gussied up with a blooming shamrock potted plant delivered from your florist. Bells of Ireland, minty green and tall, are perfect for the Irish, and Irish of heart, on St. Patrick's Day, too.

Halloween parties, and a table laden with gruesome-looking goodies, can bring an extra smile to invited ghouls and ghosts when a live centerpiece of orange blooms is on display.

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