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LLC Formation Reviews

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Legal Zoom is a full-service legal website offering assistance with everything from LLC Formation, wills, and living trusts, to trademarks, bankruptcy, patents, copyrights and more. For business owners, Legal Zoom helps people quickly and affordably create an LLC.

You'll find three different LLC packages available for purchase at Legal Zoom. Additionally, if you're new to the LLC process, you'll find detailed information to help you make educated business decisions about your organization and documentation of your company, and guide you through the LLC formation effort. One of the specific features we like at Legal Zoom is the comparison chart that clearly shows the differences between forming LLC's and C or S corporations, so that you can easily compare their benefits and trade-offs.

Legal Zoom offers the following LLC packages:

Economy - $99 and includes:

  • Preliminary LLC name check
  • Articles of Incorporation preparation and filing
  • Personalized operating agreement
  • Clause of governing restrictions on transfer
  • Company resolution for banking
  • LegalZoom peace of mind review
  • The LegalZoom business letter

Standard - $289 and includes:

  • Everything in the Economy package
  • Deluxe LLC Kit embossed with company name
  • Official Company Seal
  • 20 customized membership certificates
  • Membership transfer ledger
  • My PR Genie - online PR and social media suite for 1 year.

Express Gold - $359 and includes:

  • Everything in the Economy and Standard packages
  • QuickBooks Online Accounting Software for 3 months
  • Federal Tax ID application preparation
  • Two day delivery of final package
  • 30 day trial to Business Advantage Pro

Each of the Legal Zoom LLC packages exclude the mandatory State filing fee. However, this is standard protocol for most companies reviewed. Legal Zoom also allows customers to customize LLC documentation by adding several optional services. Legal Zoom stands behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and unlike other companies, they review every document before finalizing their effort.

If you're in the process of creating an LLC for your business, Legal Zoom is a great place to start. They receive high ratings for their variety of LLC packages, optional services, affordable pricing, step-by-step instructions, reputation, knowledgeable staff, and ease of use. For Forming an LLC, Legal Zoom earns our highest rating.

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The Company Corporation has been in the trade of assisting small business owners for over 100 years. They provide a relatively straightforward approach to creating an LLC and provide business owners three different packages of LLC services to choose from.

We liked that The Company Corporation offers a Business Formation Wizard for anyone that wants to determine whether to incorporate or form an LLC before beginning the process.

The Starter - $99 and includes:

  • Completion/filing of articles of incorporation
  • Access to Compliance Watch
  • 6 Months of Registered Agent service
  • $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee
  • Exclusive offers from partners

The Essentials - $399 and includes:

  • Additional 6 months of Registered Agent Service
  • Compliance Kit and company seal
  • Federal Employer Identification (EIN)
  • Business License Compliance Package
  • LLC Operating Agreement

The Works - $699 and includes:

  • Your LLC - An Operating Manual
  • Business Coaching

The Company Corporation provides assistance via a toll-free number should any questions come up during the process. This company has a long history of knowledgeable and helpful staff that are educated on a variety of business formation topics.

Shoppers can also customize optional services to create all of the necessary documents they need to form their business. One of the only downsides is that we couldn't find any promised guarantee should an error or problem occur on their side.

The Company Corporation has a long history of assisting business owners. Shoppers can expect a clean and easy to use website but higher prices, as well. However, their services vary from other companies reviewed and the specific needs of the business should be considered before making a final decision.

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In operation since 2004, Houston-based Incfile is an accredited A+ business with the Better Business Bureau, helping business owners with the necessary paperwork to create an LLC online in five minutes or less. Incfile has worked with more than 50,000 customers in the formation of their LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, and even Nonprofit organizations.

Incfile divides its services into Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. All plans come with the following:

  • Preparing and filing the Articles of Organization
  • Unlimited name availability searches
  • Registered agent service for one year
  • Statement of the organizer
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • 30-minute consultation with a business tax consultant
  • 30-minute consultation with a certified business attorney
  • Next-day processing
  • Lifetime company alerts

For an additional $100, the Gold members can access these features (available as a la carte add-ons for Silver members):

  • Custom operating agreement
  • Custom banking resolutions
  • Custom corporation bylaws
  • Custom corporation organizational meeting minutes
  • EIN/Tax ID
  • Electronic file delivery

At the Platinum level, the only extra benefits are FedEx tracked shipping instead of First Class mailing and a Customized LLC kit. This may not make sense for most customers, as the additional $150 for Platinum membership is more costly than the $124 that Silver or Gold members would pay for those services as add-ons.

Incfile provides clear, detailed information regarding individual states' fees and average processing times, so that there are no hidden costs in the process of forming an LLC. Additionally, the site offers a Learning Center with a wide variety of videos and articles explaining the process involved with creating an LLC, presented in a way that is easy to grasp for even the newest of business owners. For those who have questions beyond the information provided there, Incfile representatives are available at their toll-free number (9am-7pm CST M-F) and via email, as well as allowing customers to enter their phone number and request a callback.

We appreciate Incfile's focus on LLC formation and incorporation, rather than trying to provide a wide variety of legal services. This ensures that clients get the support they need from experienced staff members; according to the site, every representative has at least six years of experience with incorporating new businesses. Customer reviews describe being impressed with Incfile's recommendations for the most cost-effective ways to create their LLC without upselling to include unnecessary features.

For business owners looking for a one-site-fits-all provider of legal documentation and help, Incfile will not meet their needs. On the other hand, their pricing for creating an LLC is one of the most reasonable on the market, and for customers who want a strong commitment to customer service, a proven track record of LLC formation, and a website that makes the entire process simple, Incfile is one of the best choices available.

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My New Company has been offering LLC creation services since 2001. Their website is simply laid out and easy to navigate. My New Company will help the business owner choose between establishing a corporation and an LLC to best fit their needs.

Business owners can choose between three levels of services with the option to add on additional features as needed.

Basic - $79 and includes:

  • Unlimited Name Availability Searches
  • Prepare/file Articles of Incorporation
  • Personalized Organizational Minutes
  • Personalized LLC Operating Agreement
  • Next Business Day Processing
  • Order is Audited for Compliance/Spelling
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Support
  • The New LLC Handbook
  • Free 1st Class Shipping
  • State Startup Checklist
  • Free Company Alerts
  • Access to Scanned Docs Online
  • Limited Access to "My Account"

Entrepreneur - $199 and includes:

  • Everything in the Basic package
  • Obtain a Federal ID
  • LLC Kit, Seal and Member Certificates
  • Tax Guide and Forms on CD

Best Value - $379 and includes:

  • Everything in the Basic and Entrepreneur packages
  • Registered Agent Service

My New Company is priced lower than some of the other companies reviewed which may be important to those looking for the very best deal. My New Company also offers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services should a problem occur.

This is an easy to use, affordable website for creating an LLC. Shoppers won't find as indepth business formation information but definitely more than just the basics.

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My Corporation has been providing small businesses and real estate investors access to affordable business documentation for over 15 years. They offer 4 different LLC creation services that start with the bare bones and increase to a more comprehensive offering.

The process of creating an LLC at My Corporation is very straightforward. Customers can expect a step-by-step completion of a standard questionnaire to get started. Choosing the right LLC package is dependant on what the customer wants and needs.

Just the Basics - $69 and includes:

  • Name Availability Search
  • Articles of Organization
  • Free Newsletter Subscription

Up and Running - $99 and includes:

  • Everything in Just the Basics
  • Operating Agreement
  • Member Transfer Ledger
  • Compliance Tips
  • Member Certificates
  • Annual Report Service

New to the World - $199 and includes:

  • Everything in Up and Running
  • Registered Agent Services

Business in a Box - $299 and includes:

  • Everything in New to the World
  • Maintain Mybiz Services

My Corporation will complete and submit the filings as needed and send you copy of the completed documentation. A number of optional services are available at My Corporation. We liked that this company offered 4 different LLC packages and the savings opportunity available with choosing the package over adding the service alcarte. The "Bonus" section was a little hokey but could be helpful to those with patience to read and sort through any junk.

My Corporation also employs a group of helpful customer service representatives to assist with any issues while completing the questionnaire. This company is a strong choice. However, they do not provide as much explanation as some of our top-rated companies.

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Law Depot doesn't waste much time when it comes to forming an LLC. Immediately the company identifies the three steps to finish the process. Simply complete a questionnaire, print and sign. Business owners will find less hand holding at Law Depot which may be a downside to those new to the process of forming a business.

An example is that Law Depot doesn't offer any LLC packages. Their services are much more generic.

1 Year Pro License - $95.88 or $33 per month and includes:

  • Create and Print as Many Legal Documents as Needed

Basic License - $24.50 and includes:

  • 2 Weeks Access to Create and Print as many LLC Operating Agreements as Needed

Trial Subscription - Free and includes:

  • Create and Print as Many Legal Documents as Needed for 1 Week

Law Depot does offer a free trial subscription that may allow business owners to create their Articles of Incorporation at no cost. If your State has any specific requirements for creating an LLC customers are on their own. The free trial is for 1 week and if not cancelled, within that period, will result in a monthly charge of $33.00 until cancelled.

Law Depot does mention a 100% quality guarantee but the words are a bit ambiguous one what that may include. However, if questions come up during the process Law Depot can be reached via phone for general assistance.

Law Depot makes creating an LLC relatively straightforward and at an affordable price. However, those new to an LLC business will not find the detailed information and step-by-step details of those companies ranked higher.

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Rocket Lawyer is typically a membership based business that has helped individuals and businesses create legal documents for over 10 years. With building an LLC, Rocket Lawyer gives the customer the choice of paying for the processing and filing of the LLC documents or subscribing to their monthly membership. Customers can also choose a free trial but can anticipate a $39.95 charge monthly, for unlimited legal documents, until otherwise cancelled. The trick is that the free trial is shorter than the length of time in which it takes for the entire LLC process to occur.

Creating an LLC with Rocket Lawyer is similar to other companies reviewed in that a series of questions are asked to create the proper documentation. We found through trial and error that Rocket Lawyer also provides some additional services for a fee, such as a Federal Tax Id, corporate kit and seal, Registered Agent service and expedited processing.

Where Rocket Lawyer loses the customer is when it comes to the pricing. They mention a flat $149.95 fee to file the paperwork but when we used their pricing calculator the results were different.

Rocket Lawyer's website does provide some information on choosing between an LLC and corporation as well as other tips on forming a business. The website also leads customers to local lawyers for legal assistance at a discounted rate.

Rocket Lawyer offers a straightforward process of creating an LLC but confuses the customer with their pricing and add-on structure. For a more LLC focused company, with clear and easy pricing, we recommend you shop a higher ranked company.

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Find Legal Forms can be described as a very basic do-it-yourself legal documents website. Find Legal Forms was formed in 2001 by two attorneys out of California with a goal to provide low cost legal documentation.

The website is generally easy to navigate but is not for the novice business owner. To create an LLC with Find Legal Forms you must already be familiar with what is required. You can either select your document choice from a drop down, or type it in to search. Once you've completed the documentation, Find Legal Forms allows customers 48 hours to download their purchased documentation.

Shoppers with questions will not be able to ask a customer service representative any questions. The forms have been reviewed by their attorneys but not after the customer begins the process. Education and business resources are also very limited at this site. However, if you choose the wrong form or are not satisfied with your purchase Find Legal Forms provides a nice 60 day money back guarantee.

Overall, we appreciate that Find Legal Forms offers some of the cheapest LLC documentation available but felt that most people need a little more assistance when it comes to creating an LLC, and very importantly, accurately. If you are looking to save money on your LLC documentation we recommend you shop a higher ranked company.

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Nolo has been in the business of legal literature and "how tos" since 1971. The company focuses on do-it-yourself advice. Nolo provides business owners a series of different resources and books to assist with creating an LLC. We found the website to be confusing and hard to follow for those new to the concept.

Shoppers will find a series of books and software to choose from such as "Form Your Own Limited Liability Company", "Incorporate Your Business", "Nolo's Quick LLC" and more.

The downside to working with Nolo for your LLC creation documentation is not only the confusing and busy website but the speed at which you're able to start and finish the effort. For business owners wanting to get the LLC process started, they would have to first wait until they received the book, read the contents and then find and complete the proper documentation, possibly from a separate vendor. Nolo does offer some e-books to eliminate the shipping time of receiving a book.

Nolo is a member of the Better Business Bureau and offers a no-hassle guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Of all of the companies reviewed, Nolo's list of LLC formation books requires the longest time to complete the effort. Nolo's approach may leave the customer with the possibility of needing additional legal assistance from an attorney before the LLC is finished.

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Forming an LLC

Creating an LLC is a rather straightforward process for those with a lot of legal experience. Most valid LLC's have an accurate and complete Articles of Organization, a unique company name that is registered with the State, proper LLC documentation filings within a state, and other, sometimes complex, documentation depending on different variables of ownership.

But when forming an LLC, business owners have more affordable alternatives than using an expensive lawyer for creating and filing the proper LLC documentation. Today, a number of established and well-respected online companies exist that can help small companies with the formation of LLC's and other business structures. Forming an LLC can take as little as 10 minutes with a step-by-step process that eliminates the guesswork and stress of creating and filing the LLC paperwork yourself.

When looking at different LLC formation services, there are certain factors you need to consider. Some of these include:

  • Cost. How does the cost of the LLC formation services compare to other companies?
  • Information Provided. Does the website thoroughly explain the LLC formation process? Can you use the information on the website to make educated business decisions?
  • Website Functionality. Is the LLC formation website professional and easy to use, or will it leave you frustrated and confused?
  • Guarantee. Does the LLC formation company back the accuracy of the forms and advice they provide? has reviewed and ranked the best LLC formation services available today. We hope these reviews help you form your LLC right away!

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