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      November 17, 2019

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Gift Basket Occasions

A gift basket can be composed of food, drink, candy, toiletries or a combination of goods deemed desirable and attractive. Gift baskets can be offered to friends and family but make an especially good choice for people you do not know well, such as newer acquaintances, new neighbors or co-workers; or entities, such as agencies or companies with which you do business. Pre-assembled baskets are an option. But creating your own is also a valid choice.

Nearly any cause for celebration can prove a good occasion to send a gift basket. Following is a partial list:

New Business Opening
Starting a business is a triumph of nerve, willpower and a decided taste for risk. Naturally, then such an occasion is prime for sending a gift basket. Flowers alone can seem impersonal, even thoughtless. Chocolates, wines and even cheeses are common choices. But why not get adventuresome? Consider sending a mixed basket that includes flowers, champagne and candy or dessert. Or provide a de facto small business office-warming basket by offering liquid or bar soaps for rest rooms and aromatherapy-based gifts to enhance office mood.

New Baby
What is more exciting than the arrival of a newborn? Baby-related gift baskets choices abound. Baby-oriented retailers offer a variety of basket choices. Or you can assemble your own basket to include cleaning and diapering equipment. Basket contents to pamper new Moms in their all-too-rare spare time are also considerate. Think soothing lotions, creams, bath soaks or salts. Select delicately scented products to avoid irritating baby’s sensitive nose.

Work Promotion
Friends or office acquaintances thrill at the discovery of a raise or promotion. Be the first to congratulate the hard-working lad or lady with a gift basket to suit the most discriminating palate. Chocolates and candies nearly always go over well at the office because they can be readily shared with department staff or co-workers. Include flowers for an additional lift at desk or office. Wines and liqueurs can prove appropriate, but are best savored away from the office or after hours if a party to celebrate the promotion is planned.

A birthday is a good occasion to send a gift basket. Office chums and religious or social club members will be appreciative the gesture. Generic food or drink selections may satisfy. But making an effort to discover the tastes of the birthday boy or girl can add meaning to the offering…and elicit greater gratitude from the recipient. A “foodie” might swoon over a basket of vinegars or olive oils from varied countries or regions. A beauty fanatic can be easily won over with a selection of cosmetics of the same or differing brands. Golf fans will appreciate balls, tees, hats, and golf shirts, neatly tucked into an appropriately decorated basket. Let your imagination run wild.

Mother’s Day
Who wouldn’t want to pamper Mom with her favorite products? Consider foods to eat or include in recipes. If Mom is an avid baker, a basket of gourmet cooking chocolates can benefit the entire family. The knit or crochet hobbyist will be thrilled with a selection of high-quality needles and imported yarns.

Gift baskets can prove appropriate for nearly any occasion or recipient. A little thought and care relative to choosing or creating just the right offering can help the recipient view you in a positive light for years to come.

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