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      October 15, 2019

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Best Gift Baskets

Where can you find the best Gift Baskets? Gift-giving can be a challenge - what do you give your neighbor who just had a baby? What arrangement sends the right message to a colleague, striking the perfect balance of "wow" and "professional"? And, everyone knows that gift cards are just plain boring, right?

Gift baskets hit all the right notes no matter the occasion: expertly packaged, beautifully arranged, and full of an assortment of the perfect snacks, toys, or other items designed to match the moment. The sky is truly the limit, with budget-friendly gift baskets that might have a small toy and a candy bar for a child's birthday, all the way up to the most decadent, luxurious array of fine wine and gourmet cheese to commemorate a long-anticipated promotion.

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Best Reviews


Gift Basket Reviews

5 stars
Gift Tree

GIFT Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Gift Tree consistently goes the extra mile when it comes to Gift Baskets. From 2-day delivery to most locations within the US to a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this store knows what it takes to keep customers happy. Their selection of gifts is affordable without compromising quality, ranging from chocolate to champagne and beyond. With an easy-to-use website, ample gift-giving options, and helpful customer service reps, Gift Tree continues to earn our highest rating.
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4 stars
Gourmet Gift Baskets


Gourmet Gift Baskets is the go-to site for foodies. For mouth-watering selections of baked goods, meat and cheese, wine and more, you'll find it here. This gift basket company has an impressive reputation, especially among businesses who have used this service for decades. Although you might spend a little more when ordering a basket from this store, it's worth it to deliver a gift that can satisfy even the choosiest recipient.
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4 stars
Design It Yourself Gift Baskets


Design It Yourself Gift Baskets lets you have a choose-your-own-adventure type of experience when shopping for someone's special occasion. Whether you want to pick each item that goes into your gift, select a theme and budget while letting experts do the rest, or just choose a preselected arrangement, this store has you covered. And, recent improvements to their return policy include a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures you'll love the end result. This store puts some fun into shopping for a gift basket!
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4 stars
All About Gifts and Baskets


This gift basket company has made some improvements: a wider selection of gifts for all occasions and a strong satisfaction/refund policy, to name a few. All About Gifts & Baskets continues to be a good choice for corporate gifts as well, with personalization options included for free on bulk orders. You'll spend more on shipping when buying your gift basket here, but it may be worth it to buy a uniquely-themed arrangement you won't find on a competitor site.
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3.5 stars
Pemberton Farms


Pemberton Farms is based in Massachusetts, and it shows: their most appealing gift baskets include maple syrup from Vermont, New England cheese and ham. This family-owned business has been around for decades, continuing to operate a local store as well as their online shop. You won't find hundreds of gift basket options here, but you'll love the arrangements they offer - all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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3 stars
Canterberry Gifts


Canterberry Gifts has some fun collections in their gift baskets, including some tasty options for those hard-to-shop-for people. Because this company is new, you might not get all of the customer perks you'd expect from an established retailer (like a solid satisfaction guarantee or free shipping on some gift baskets). But, with several recent customer reviews that sing Canterberry Gifts' praises, we're looking forward to seeing this gift basket company move up in our rankings in the future.
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2.5 stars
The Best Gift Baskets


The Best Gift Baskets offers a decent selection of gifts with the usual items: chocolate, wine, and so on. But, are they really the best? Only time will tell: this company is very new to the market, with very little to go on when trying to determine if they're going to be a long-term player in the industry. We hope for good things from them in the future, but until we see more customer feedback, The Best Gift Baskets will remain as one of our lower-ranked gift basket companies. Read More... Visit

2 stars
From You Flowers


From You Flowers has an ample selection of gift baskets, flowers and other gifts - many more options than the last time we evaluated their services. Unfortunately, with so many glitches in their ordering process and hundreds of complaints from customers whose deliveries were late, sent to the wrong place, or never delivered at all, this store is still likely to disappoint.
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1 star
Gift Basket


Gift Basket has a reputation, and it's not a good one. From the worst possible rating at the Better Business Bureau to numerous customer complaints, this company falls short in many ways. Even using the website is frustrating, with links going to the wrong place. You'll have a better purchasing experience with almost any other gift basket company.
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Continued from above

But, as you'll quickly notice as you begin to shop for a gift basket, some companies consistently deliver high-quality selections while others provide just the bare minimum and don't put much thought or effort into the presentation or the included items.

To make sure that your gift basket is a delivery that impresses, here are several criteria to keep in mind as you consider the gift basket companies on the market today:

  • Variety. How many options does the service offer? Within a single category (e.g. baby shower, wedding, get well soon), do you have a number of choices?
  • Quality. Are the products gourmet, high-end, and/or well-constructed, or are you getting cheap things you could buy at a supermarket or dollar store?
  • Price. What will you spend on the gift basket of your choice? Do you get a good value for what you spend, especially compared with other stores? Does the company offer any customer-friendly perks like free shipping?
  • Customer Service. How easy does the gift basket company make it to find what you want? Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee if the basket is late or just doesn't meet expectations? What do previous customers have to say about their experience with the company? has reviewed and ranked the best gift baskets available today. We hope this information helps you find the perfect basket for your next gift-giving occasion!

Why Are Gift Baskets So Popular?

The giving of gift baskets can be traced to ancient Greece. In 19th-century England, gift hampers were routinely delivered by hand to denizens of the country by visitors from London. These English offerings were meant to denote a degree of sophistication on the part of the giver, offering as they did products and wares country dwellers were hard pressed to find. They might even have included novelties and delicacies from the reaches of the British Empire.

Today, gift baskets are enjoying a healthy resurgence stateside. Why are gift baskets so popular? Their variety, versatility, and visual appeal render them a welcome offering to friends, family and acquaintances on most any occasion.

Variety and Number
Since a gift offering is nearly always appreciated, as an offering of multiple gifts -- neatly packaged in a single container it is a can't-lose proposition. Offering more than one gift at a time can result in a sharing of the gift with friends of the recipient -- a move that cannot fail to boost your reputation. This strategy can be very effective with gifts of food, flowers, and even non-food themed gifts. A small business owner's sharing an office gift basket is de rigueur, almost cliche.

But think of how the baby goods gift basket you offer to a friend might be shared with other new moms. A themed gift basket to a knitting or crafting hobbyist, for example, might be shared with an entire crafting circle. Similarly, a bowling-themed basket might end up benefiting an entire league team. Of course, the more thought you put into the content of the basket, the more suitable the design and conception, the better.

In an age where business and personal friendships are formed via various types of media -- where your best friend forever might be an Internet acquaintance you have never met -- gift baskets make an ideal choice. For one thing, they can be as personal or as impersonal as you like. For a new business client, a basket of wines that are generally judged to be of good quality is perfectly suitable. For your spouse or significant other, a basket filled with items that suit her tastes - right down to brand, flavor and color -- strikes just the right note of intimacy, indicating a high degree of interest and attachment on your part. Indeed, gift baskets come in such variety and are formulated with such creativity that they can make ideal gifts for everyone from newborns to centegenarians, from new neighbors to the dearest of friends.

Visual Appeal
Even the English gift hampers of yore were generally decorative standouts. Gift basket packaging has only gained in visual elegance since then. Many purveyors continue to offer basket-like containers adorned with colorful shrink wrap. But more originally designed offerings are truly on the rise. For example, some specialty retailers package gifts in reusable containers -- perfectly in line with the eco-consciousness of the moment. Other companies have been known to employ containers of stoneware or earthenware for a rustic feel. Glassware and clear polycarbonate material offer the recipient an easy view of what's inside. Decorative materials may include anything from burlap and jute to satin, silk, and crystal.

Gift baskets are projected to grow in popularity through the next decade. Whether you are shopping for intimate friend or brand new acquaintance, there's sure to be a selection that is perfectly appropriate.


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