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      July 9, 2020

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Manhattan Prep Review

To help you find the Best GMAT Test Prep Programs, provides you with an in-depth Manhattan Prep Review.

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Prepare For Your Next GMAT Exam with Magoosh Today! Who has the best GMAT Test Prep program? The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a test that predicts how well students might perform in their MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program. The test scores are sent to graduate schools to assist with admission decisions. Students are assessed in their algebra, arithmetic, geometry, grammar, and multi-source data analysis skills.

For students hoping to get into certain business schools, their performance on the GMAT is critical. Having to retake such a long test - to improve a score - quickly adds up over time.

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Best Reviews


GMAT Test Prep Reviews

4 stars
Manhattan Prep


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From $199 to $2,699

The idea for Manhattan Prep was born in 2000 when Zeke Vanderhoek, a Teach For America alumnus and Yale graduate, started scouting the best teachers for course studies. His vision was to have the best educators in order for students to achieve the greatest success. Teachers who were recruited scored in the 99th percentile in whatever test they are teaching on. At Manhattan Prep these include the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT/ACT, and EA.

Helped over 1 million students

Manhattan Prep boasts that they have helped over 1 million students, taught over 16,000 classes, sold over 1 million books, and served over 190 countries. Their complete courses range from $549 - $2,699, so they are on the more expensive end of GMAT test prep services.

1st session is free

To try out the GMAT prep courses that Manhattan prep offers, students are able to attend the first session of any class for free. This way, a student will know if they are really willing to commit the time and money here.

Best GMAT Test Prep

6 GMAT study options

There are six options for GMAT study materials at Manhattan Prep. They range from being really flexible, to super intensive. The six courses include:

  • Interact GMAT Course ($549+): Includes over 35 interactive video lessons, all books and online resources, and a self-paced study plan.
  • Live GMAT Course ($1,399+): Includes 27 hours of live instruction, online or in-person classes, and is best for students with 2+ months of time before taking the test.
  • Private Tutoring ($2,450+): Includes one-on-one personalized instruction, in-person or online tutoring, and a study plan tailored to the student's skill level.
  • GMAT Boot Camps ($2,699+): Includes 35 hours of instruction in 2-3 weeks, course material available for online or in-person learning, and an accelerated study plan.
  • Complete Course ($1,399 - $1,799+): Includes over 9 sessions of 27 hours of instruction, 6 full-length practice tests, GMAT strategy guide set, on-demand prep course, and coaching sessions in some packages.
  • GMAT Advanced Course ($1,199): For people looking to get higher than a score of 650. This course includes 15 hours of live instruction over 5 sessions, 6-full length practice tests, complete study guides and resources, and on-demand video lessons.

Private tutoring

Rather than signing up for one of the courses listed, students also have the option of paying for a private tutor. The cost for this is between $225 and $255 per hour. These tutoring sessions are completely customized to meet a student where they are in the learning process and reach their goals. Another paid option for students needing a refresher in a specific area would be the Foundations of Math course for $199. This includes 7 hours of instruction, a math strategy guide, online math drills, and a detailed syllabus.

Free resources

Now that we've covered all the ways you can empty your pockets at Manhattan Prep, we will cover some of the free resources they offer. There is a free GMAT practice test offered, the GMAT navigator to identify your strengths and weaknesses, GMAT events, and a blog and forum. These aren't going to give you the tools to get a great score on the GMAT, but they may be insightful if you're looking to get a better feel for what to expect on the test.

Expert instructors

We really like that all the instructors at Manhattan Prep are extremely smart and qualified. To know that your teacher scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT means you'll likely get lots of good tips and explanations of concepts for the money you're spending. There are quite a few course options, which is nice to see, although they are definitely expensive.

Rave reviews

To say that students like what they get at Manhattan Prep is an understatement. People rave about the different teachers, the course structures, and their performance after going through the GMAT prep here. It is extremely hard to even find anything negative from a student who studied at Manhattan Prep. For this reason, we are surprised to find that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) only gave Manhattan Prep a D+ rating. However, their profile is new and there isn't enough to go off of yet to get an accurate score long-term.

Satisfied students

On other independently verified sites they receive hundreds of positive responses from students who really like their services. The hundreds of people who "love" Manhattan Prep helped pull their rating toward the top of our charts for GMAT test prep services.

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Continued from above

Each GMAT test costs around $250 and scores are sent to five different schools. Students will want to be well-prepared and get a satisfactory score the first time so they don't have to deal with the time and money it takes to complete the GMAT again.

The best way to secure a good GMAT score is to study all the relevant material ahead of time so you know what to expect. There are many fantastic online test prep resources specifically for helping students be successful when taking the GMAT. It may cost some serious time and money to use the materials found through a professional online program, but the confidence and knowledge you'll gain will be well worth it.

There are quite a few GMAT test prep services to choose from out there. Before buying a membership for one of them, we suggest you keep the following criteria in mind:

  • Cost. Is the price of the course reasonable for the amount of material you're getting? How do they compare to other GMAT test prep courses?
  • Instruction Method. Do you get one-on-one tutoring? Are there lectures you can watch for full concept explanations? Is everything online at your own pace?
  • Use of Materials. How long will you have access to the materials on the site? Will you have enough time to go through all the materials offered before taking the GMAT? has reviewed and ranked the best GMAT test prep programs available today. We hope this information helps you feel confident and improve your score when you take the GMAT!

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