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Worldwide Golf Shops is the online outlet for several major regional chains of traditional golf equipment superstores. The website is very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. A menu bar located on the top portion of the main page provides quick links to the various golf merchandise categories (golf clubs, golf apparel, golf shoes, golf balls, and so on) and down the left hand column are links to golf equipment by brand.

The golf selection at Worldwide Golf Shops is huge and seems to feature all of the popular golf brands like Callaway, Nike, Ping and Taylor Made, plus a whole host of lesser known golf brands like Ashworth and Ecco. On the main page towards the bottom there are featured golf equipment, which are presumably the overstocked golf items that are being offered at the greatest discount. One click adds a golf item to your cart, and one more click brings you to checkout. The process of finding the exact golf equipment that you need and making a purchase online couldn't be easier.

The golf equipment shipping rates are located under a link towards the bottom of the page. Worldwide Golf Shops offers flat rates of $6.99 for ground, $19.99 for second day air and $24.99 for next day air. This is in line with other golf equipment websites that we reviewed.

Worldwide Golf Shops boasts the best return policy in the business, and in our opinion it's hard to deny. They offer a complete refund of any product you purchase from them for up to 90 days after purchase. They will not charge you for the return shipping of the product, and if you order a replacement for the product you didn't like, they'll ship the replacement back to you for free as well (as long as the product is more than $299). This does indeed beat the return policy of many other online golf retailers, which are often for 60 days or less, and then only for certain types of purchases.

With a huge selection, competitive pricing, user-friendly website, industry-leading return policy, and a relationship with traditional golf chain stores, Worldwide Golf Shops is an excellent choice for your online golf shopping. They earn our highest rating.

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In The Hole Golf is a vivid, fun website that provides golfers some of the latest and most innovative golf equipment available today. In business for over 10 years, In The Hole Golf is an expert in its field.

In The Hole Golf evaluates every product they sell to provide you with the best golf equipment on the course. When searching the website you simply choose from brand, golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf carts, training aids, GPS systems, golf apparel, golf shoes, and other golf accessories. The process is quick and efficient. You can further narrow down your search by price, golf brand, category and more. We also liked the vivid pictures of golf products that In The Hole Golf provides.

The selection of golf equipment was quite large. In The Hole Golf nurtures relationship with a large number of golf companies, which allows them to bring their equipment to you at competitive prices. They also stand behind their products with a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy.

In The Hole Golf provides a long list of golf-related products across all the major brands. Even with their top-quality products, their prices are competitive. With great customer service and a well functioning website, In The Hole Golf is a strong choice for your next golf equipment purchase.

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For those that love a bargain, Golf Outlets provides a great savings opportunity for your golf equipment needs. Based out of California, Golf Outlets purchases large quantities of products to pass on significant savings to their customers.

Golf Outlets provides a straightforward shopping experience. You may maneuver the website via clear cut categories such as golf clubs, equipment, discount and more. Golf Outlets also says other outdoor and fitness equipment such as tents and more. We searched through several products brands such as Callaway, Nike, Palm Springs, Forgan and more. You will not find the same level of selection as those higher ranked but if bargain is your goal you'll find great prices across several categories.

Should you not be satisfied with your purchase from Golf Outlets you have 30 days from the date of receipt provided that the products are returned new and in the original packaging minus a 20% restocking fee.

For those just getting themselves or children involved in golf Golf Outlets provides good equipment at great prices. While the selection is not as bountiful as other companies discount is the key. We found great prices on golf sets, apparel, bags and more. Should you not be satisfied with the product you may return but can anticipate a 20% restocking fee. Again, if you are after a bargain Golf Outlets is the place to shop.

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Edwin Watts Golf is the online outlet for the well know golf equipment retail outlets of the same name. Edwin Watts has been in the golf equipment business since 1968 and has 86 retail stores all across the South and Midwest of the United States. They are one of the more recognizable names in the golf equipment business.

The website itself is intuitive and easy to use. There are two main drop down menus at the top of the main page that allow you to select by type of equipment (clubs, balls, etc) or by brand. The selection is absolutely huge; we counted at least 100 different brands of equipment available from the site. A nice additional feature is a handy club selector that allows you to choose your gender, the type of club you want, the flex, the type of shaft, the brand and other characteristics of your ideal club, and the application will point you towards the clubs that best fit your criteria. Purchasing an item is a simple and typical process of adding a product to your virtual shopping cart and then checking out.

The shipping rates are located towards the bottom of the page. Edwin Watts offers a $6.00 flat rate for ground, a $12.00 flat rate for second day air, and a rate of $19.95 for next day air that increases with the weight of your order. These rates are all very competitive with other online golf retailers, with the possible exception of the next day rate if your order is large and heavy since there is no flat fee. Also highlighted at the top of the main page is "free shipping for orders over $99", but when you look into the details there are a lot of restrictions on what kinds of orders under $99.00 actually ship for free. Certain products and brands are not included, and the list of excluded items is quite long. Still, even if you don't get free shipping, the cost here is competitive.

The return policy gave us a little pause. You must pay for the shipping to return any items you don't like to Edwin Watts, and you only have 30 days from the time of purchase to do so. All items must be unused and in their original packaging, which means if you try your new product once and don't like it, you can't return it. Additionally, certain items such as custom fit clubs, special orders, books and software can't be returned at all.

For selection, ease of use and value/cost we gave Edwin Watts high marks. However due to the restrictive return policy we couldn't rank this company as high as some of the other online golf suppliers we reviewed.

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3 Balls was started in 1998 by two close friends who loved to play golf. You'll find used, like new, golf equipment to save you money at 3 Balls. This is a great opportunity to get quality clubs from makers such as Callaway, Ping, Taylor Made, Nike, Adams and more at a fraction of the cost of new. However, you'll have to be patient if they don't have your exact driver or wedge you're looking for. They also have a smaller selection of new golf clubs to choose from.

3 Balls also sells a varying selection of golf apparel, shoes, bags, gloves and more. Most of the none club related merchandise is new and the selection is generally not as large as those companies ranked higher. The website is easy to use with the selection listed on the top and additional options to narrow down your search on the left hand side. 3 Balls has some nice customer service friendly policies such as same day shipping, free shipping on purchases over $99, and 30 day return policy. Returns are accepted minus shipping if the merchandise is returned in the same condition it was sold. If you need to speak to a customer service representative at 3 Balls you may utilize their Live Help option or call.

Overall, 3 Balls is not as extensive or impressive as the companies ranked higher, but does offer a solid cost savings opportunity if you can find what you're looking for in used condition.

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Giga Golf has been in business since 1990 and offers custom made golf clubs to fit your specific needs. These clubs are said to improve your game as such. The Giga Golf eFit system simply means that your golf clubs are built to match your swing speed and body measurements. However, be prepared to pay more for these custom made beauties.

Giga also offers a limited selection of Giga golf bags, replacement grips, instructional DVD's and other accessories. Shopping the website is quick and efficient with each club type listed in its own category. Most club types provide 6 to 14 different styles to choose from the Giga line. When you select your Giga golf clubs you specify if you;'re male or female, left or right handed, your RH percent, grip type, grip size, shaft and length.

After you build and buy your clubs you want them to be just perfect. Giga Golf offers a generous play for 30 days policy for a full refund if you're not satisfied. We felt this was a generous offer given the customization of each Giga Golf club. You can also anticipate free shipping on orders over $99.00. Most clubs leave the warehouse in approximately 24 to 48 hours. Should you have any questions or problems you may call Giga Golf or email a club fitting specialist directly.

If you like the Giga Golf brand then this website is worth your shopping effort. However, if you prefer different brands or lower priced options we recommend you shop a higher ranked company.

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NGC Golf has been in business since 1977 and provides an overly busy website that might turn off many shoppers. NGC calls themselves the world leader in scientific golf equipment and it appears they go to great lengths to tell you everything they know just on their landing page. They say their drivers are designed to reduce necessary strokes by adding distance through straighter drives. NGC specializes mainly in clubs and dabbles in some a golf accessories but we couldn't locate any apparel or shoes.

What we found most frustrating about NGC Golf was the busy website. We also noticed the archaic checkout process and inventory issues on a number of items. If a product no longer exists at NGC Golf why don't they remove it from there website? To search through available or not available products you simply choose by the search category. We noticed that they only offered 1 golf bag, 3 different balls, 4 wedges, and 5 drivers. If you are looking for something very specific you are unlikely to find it here with such a limited selection within each category.

You may return undamaged golf clubs within 30 days for a refund. NGC Golf does not offer any free shipping options. Also, if you have a question or concern their only method of contact is via email - not a great option for those in a rush.

We did not find that shopping at NGC Golf was a stress free experience. The selection was very limited, the website was disorganized, and it was less customer friendly than many other websites.

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Medicus Golf calls their products a "learning system" with a series of golf training aids. Medicus products are said to allow golfers to master the basics of golf and therefore are not built for those that are already experienced at the game.

At first, we were confused with the Medicus approach and then realized the website is similar to that of an infomercial. The risk free language and confusing pricing made this golf website an instant turn off. We didn't like that the listed price was reflected as a percentage of the total cost.

The search functionality is disorganized at Medicus and with a lot of advertisement, it's hard to know where to start. You may choose from a handful of club types which may result in 1 item or several product options depending on how to navigate the website. The accessories are very limited and the apparel included only one Medicus shirt to choose from.

A nice customer friendly feature is the free shipping option. Also, Medicus Golf allows 30 days to return any items minus shipping and handling. If you have any questions Medicus offers a customer service phone number to assist.

Perhaps at 2:00 am this product line would be more convincing on TV then it was via their website. The language, the confusing pricing and limited selection bumped Medicus Golf to the bottom of our list.

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Our initial impression with the Hireko Golf website was that it was a little busy and confusing. Front and center on the main page was what looked like a pop-up advertisement for a specific type of club. There was no easy way to close the ad and it appeared that there was information behind it that was blocked. After fiddling with it for a little bit we discovered it was actually a sort of rotating window of several advertisements that would cycle around on its own, or you could cycle through manually. Each one had a "shop here" button if you wanted to purchase the advertised product. We found this approach of pushing a handful of products in this way very distracting. Particularly because when we clicked on the shop here button to view the items advertised on the rotating banner, most of them came up as out of stock.

Moving away from the advertisements, we selected the "golf clubs" link to see what types of products were available. A list came up that included only a handful of brands; none of which are mainstream golf brands. No Callaway, no Nike, no Taylor made, but brands like Nextt, iBella and Hello Kitty (yes, that's Hello Kitty). Even worse there were only a handful of clubs for each of those brands leaving us with a very small selection of unfamiliar brands.

What they do have at Hireko golf is a focus on custom made clubs. You can select from various components such as shafts, weights and ferrules, and have a club built for you. You can also just purchase the components without having them assembled, presumably for customers who build their own clubs. It is possible that Hireko golf might be a good place for someone who builds their own clubs to purchase the components to do so, but this is a very small niche in the golf market.

The shipping rate was advertised as "low 7.95 flat rate" for ground shipping, which was actually higher than most of the other sites we reviewed. Fed Ex 3 day delivery was $14.95 and 2 day delivery was $18.95, also higher than most other online golf retailers.

The return policy was equally disappointing as there are no cash refunds at all for anything you buy from Hireko Golf. They offer a return policy that will give you a replacement product only if you return your purchase (at cost to you) within 60 days.

With a confusing website, lack of selection, high shipping costs and poor return policy, we can't see any reason to get excited about Hireko Golf.

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Golf Equipment

Savvy golfers have found that online golf stores provide them with a much greater selection and significant savings over local golf equipment stores. Most golf and pro shops are few and far between, have only a limited variety of golf equipment, and often mark up their prices due to high demand from local golf enthusiasts.

If you're looking for specialty golf equipment - for example, if you're above average height or left handed - you probably already know how difficult it can be to find the right golf equipment at local stores. Like many products sold online, golf equipment is generally sold at a discount. This is because of reduced overhead costs, a larger customer reach, and tough online competition.

A large variety of golf equipment to choose from is also key to successful internet shopping. Many online golf equipment stores exist today that can meet the needs of golfers no matter their experience level, from novice to expert. They can provide dozens of brand names across a variety of golf clubs, golf shoes, golf bags and more, because an internet storefront can facilitate a larger, cheaper warehouse to best fit their customer's needs.

However, not all golf stores are the same. Before shopping for your next set of golf clubs or golf apparel, you should consider the following:

  • Selection. Does the website offer a wide selection of golf equipment or is it limited in brands and selection?
  • Prices. How do the golf equipment prices compare among competitors?
  • Return policy. Does the company allow you to return golf equipment for a full refund? How many days do you have to return these items? has reviewed and ranked the best golf equipment stores in business today. We hope these reviews help you find the right golf equipment at the best prices to meet your needs!

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