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      September 18, 2019

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Best Government Grants

What's the best way to find and apply for Government Grants? These grants are a fantastic way to get funding for research projects, education, innovation and invention, business development, and much more. Subsidized by the federal government, grants can fuel growth in virtually any industry.

There are many government grant resources online that promise to connect you with funding for your non-profit, local government, small business, or even as an individual. But, these services don't all deliver the same results. Grants can be hard to find, and the application process may be complex.

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Best Reviews


Government Grants Reviews

5 stars
Grant Watch






$199/year Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Grant Watch is the world's best research for securing grants of all types - not just Government Grants but also those offered by foundations and corporations. One of the features that makes this service truly exceptional is their daily database updates: listings are kept current and archived when they expire or are removed for some other reason.

This service uses a team of researchers to constantly find the newest opportunities for grant funding, and they offer customer service help by phone, online chat and email, Monday through Friday during regular business hours (EST).

Another big plus with using this service is the amount of detail you get on each grant. They call this "presentation quality" information, and it includes eligibility requirements, the geographic focus, the approximate size of the grant, contact information for the funding source, and links to the application/RFP pages.

At the time of our review, there were over 20,000 grants listed on the site, for a wide range of recipients: small businesses, individuals, non-profits, local governments, and more. 639 of those grants had been added to the Grant Watch site in the last 7 days.

Grant Watch is not cheap, but it's also not the most expensive service for government and other grants in our review. While you can create a limited account for free, you'll need a paid subscription to access the full range of services offered by this company. Your options include:

  • $18 for a weekly plan
  • $45 for a monthly plan
  • $90 for a quarterly plan
  • $199 for a yearly plan

Grant Watch offers a limited refund policy. Because they consider themselves to be a "pay as you go" service, there are no refunds for terms of less than 3 months. If you subscribe to a longer term - 3 months or more - you can request a refund for any unused months. For that reason, Grant Watch recommends that you register as a non-paid user first, so that you can review their archives and see exactly what they've offered to paid subscribers in the past. We think this is a great way to make sure that users know what to expect before paying for the Grant Watch service, and we appreciate that they offer that as a resource.

Not sure if it's worth the investment/risk? We recommend that you take a look at the Achievements page under the About tab. Libby Hikind, founder and owner of Grant Watch, has secured grants for a long list of recipients. We were extremely impressed by the amount of money involved - $300,000 for New York City Parent Centers, $700,000 for Staten Island Child Health Plus, and much, much more.

And, if you're new to grant writing, you should check out the Resources tab. There, you'll find proposal templates, general tips, and other helpful hints to make it more likely that your grant application will be accepted. Still not confident in your ability to write a winning grant proposal? Click on the Grant Training tab to see what Grant Watch's creator has to offer in terms of paid grant writing courses that can give you that edge.

Grant Watch is the best resource for finding all available grants, from government options to foundation-funded assistance. The service is well worth the money and could easily pay for itself for many years with just one winning grant proposal. We give Grant Watch our highest rating.

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4.5 stars

GRANTS Visit Site



If you're specifically looking for Federal Government Grants, why not go directly to the source? Grants is free and easy to use, and lets you cut to the chase with a current database of all grant options that are sponsored by the US government.

There's a wealth of information on the Grants website. You may want to start with the Learn Grants tab, where you can find out more about the policies, terminology, agencies and systems that are involved in the grans process.

The Grants site has the following categories of grant opportunities, and each category can be selected as a search criterion to speed up the process:

  • Government Organizations
  • Education Organizations
  • Public Housing Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • For-Profit Organizations
  • Small Businesses
  • Individuals

At the time of our review, there were 2877 available grant opportunities, so we definitely recommend that you use the filters on the left side of the page to find only the Government Grants that match your needs.

When you've found a grant that interests you, click on the letter and number identifier for that program to see more detailed information. You'll be able to see eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and so on. To apply, you'll have to create a user account, but there's no charge to do so. Once you have your user account established, you simply click on the Apply button on the grant listing. Use the Applicants tab at the top of the page to track your application through the process.

While Grants isn't the best resource for people looking for funding through private organizations or local governments, it is the least expensive and most efficient option for those who specifically want to find and apply for federal grant opportunities. Why spend money to look for grants that are published for free and updated regularly? Grants is our preferred resource for anyone who wants easy access to Government Grants.

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4 stars
Gov Grants Help



$99/month for a single user

Multi-user plans available

Free assistance for certain grant categories

Gov Grants Help is on a mission to help local governments to learn about and secure grant funding to improve their citizens' lives. As a part of Praetorian Digital and EfficientGov, this service has secured more than $100 million in grant funding since its inception.

You don't need to register to search for Government Grants on this site. Just enter any applicable information, such as keyword, state, type or category, and you'll get a results list of all matches for your funding needs. This database includes a variety of grant types, including Federal, State, and Foundations.

But, to see detailed information about available grants, you'll need to subscribe. For a single-user account, expect to pay $99/month. If you'd prefer to have access for an entire department, a group of researchers/grant writers, or something eimilar, you should contact Gov Grants Help to schedule a demo and to determine the pricing for your specific needs.

Depending on your field, you may be able to get limited, free help through sponsored assistance programs. These fields include:

  • Education
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Training
  • EMS
  • Local Government
  • Risk Management
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Parks & Rec
  • Technology & IT

You'll find that information on the Grant Assistance Program page.

Gov Grants Help also offers assistance with the actual writing of the grant applications. You'll need to use the lead form on the Grant Writing page to request a quote for this service.

For local governments and similar entities, Gov Grants Help is a great resource for bridging the gap between needs and funding, and the amount of assistance they have available is a definite plus for those who are new to seeking Government Grants. The higher-than-average subscription fee might be worth it, especially if you are able to secure hundreds or thousands of dollars in grant money and equipment for your organization. Gov Grants Help has a solid reputation, and they can be trusted to give you the assistance you need to find the right grants for your community or group.

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3 stars
Gov Grants USA




Gov Grants USA offers basic information about different types of grants. But, we didn't find anything on the site that actually helps users connect with current grants being offered. We clicked through every category, from College Grants & Scholarships to Government Grants for Individuals, but there was nothing but articles describing each type of assistance.

The site also offers similar advice and information on Payday and Personal Loans, Mortgage Refinance options, and help with IRS Tax Relief. If you want a no-commitment site to help you understand how reverse mortgages work, how to qualify for the IRS Fresh Start program, or an explanation of why people opt for Payday Loans, you'll get it on the Gov Grants USA site.

However, for the majority of people looking for Government Grants, this site isn't going to be very useful. Experienced grant writers want to be connected to as many funding possibilities as they can, and they won't find any connections through this service. And, while people new to grant funding can build their background knowledge by reading through the articles on the Gov Grants USA site, they'll still have to use another service to actually find grants they can apply for.

There's nothing shady or bad about the Gov Grants USA site - but it isn't the most useful resource for finding current grants.

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1.5 stars
USA Grant Application




USA Grant Application says that they can connect you with lots of funding: business, education and scholarships, personal, non-profit, and more. This service charges a $29.95 fee for the first month of access, to cover their marketing and research costs. This also comes with a guarantee: if you apply to one of the sources on the site and get turned down for your grant, USA Grant Application will refund your fees. You will need to provide them a copy of your denial letter within 90 days of your registration.

But, we aren't sure you'd actually get a refund if you decide to use USA Grant Application to find government grants. Why? First of all, this site is just one of several that all lead back to a single parent company, USA Grant Applications (see the extra 's' on the end). The Better Business Bureau rates the main business as a B-, with more than a dozen registered complaints over the last year.

Some of the links on the site weren't working properly. For example, when we clicked on the "Apply Now" link from the dropdown menu, we were taken to a not secure dev site and told that our connection wasn't private. That's not good to see when you're being asked to enter personal information and credit card details during the signup process.

This service also doesn't give you any indicator of the reliability of the government grants in their database: no sample listings, no access to archives of previous listings, and so on.

For all of these reasons, USA Grant Application gets a low rating. If you're looking for a reputable, efficient service to connect you with government grants and other funding, you'll have a better customer experience with one of the more established, trustworthy services in our review.

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1 star
Government Grants




Government Grants claims to connect subscribers with a wide variety of grants: business, personal, housing, education, and more. You won't be able to see exactly what kinds of grants are offered until you create an account by clicking on the "Apply Now" button.

The registration form is fairly basic: enter your contact information, the primary type of funding you're seeking, how much money you'll need, and so forth. On the second page, you'll have to enter your credit card information.

This service charges a fee of $29.95 "for the first month of access". The site doesn't specify what fees (if any) are charged after that first month. According to the terms and conditions, if you apply to one of the grants listed on their site and get turned down, the company will offer you a refund if you provide your denial letter within 90 days.

Can you count on that guarantee, or on this service as a whole? Keep reading and judge for yourself.

Government Grants is one of several names used by the same company. Alternate names include USA Grant Application, USA Funding Applications, and USA Grant Applications.

The parent company is listed as USA Grant Applications with the Better Business Bureau, but all of the alternate names track to the same address in Delaware. Unfortunately, the main company has a B- grade with the BBB, which already puts Government Grants off to a less-than-stellar start. Reading through the multiple complaints registered at the BBB and finding similar negative remarks around the internet, it doesn't paint a picture of this being a reputable service if you're looking for government grants.

We also noticed that the Government Grants site had a copyright date that was over a year old. In other words, this is not the most updated of all of the sites operated by USA Grant Applications - which is why we give this service the lowest possible ranking, even when compared with its sister site. You'll get much more for your money and/or time by using one of the higher-rated sources of government grants in our review.

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Continued from above

The best resources for Government Grants usually consist of databases that are updated very frequently - weekly or even daily - and provide all of the information needed to determine if you or your organization qualify, before putting in the work to fill out the application. Many of these services also offer extensive information on the grants process, so that there are no surprises while applying for and hopefully receiving the grant funding.

So, how can you determine which Government Grants website is the right one for you? Here are several criteria to keep in mind as you explore your options:

  • Target Audience. Some sites that list Government Grants are designed for a particular group of people, such as local governments or first responders. Make sure the resource fits your area of need.
  • Resources Offered. Does the site have a current database of grants across many different categories? Does it provide information about the grants process? How detailed are the listings for available grants?
  • Reputation. What do other people have to say about the service? Has it connected a large number of individuals and organizations with the government grants they needed?
  • Cost. Some providers of government grants information charge for access to their resources, while others are free. Will you get a good value for your money if you choose a paid service? has reviewed and ranked the best Government Grant services available today. We hope this information helps you easily and quickly find the funding you need.

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