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Government Grants Reviews

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Grants For All is a very professional website that offers consumers access to a huge government grant and private foundation assistance directory. Unlike several of the other government grant websites we reviewed, the website for Grants For All is setup more like a traditional business website and was very easy to use.

On the main page you see a brief introduction explaining the service they offer, and below that is a list of the types of government grants that are available. These range from business grants and educational grants, to various minority and personal grants. Across the top is a menu bar where you can easily navigate to pages that describe the nature of their company (in business since 2002), a FAQ page with helpful questions and answers, a contact page for customer service, and a member log in page. Along the left side you'll find that you can quickly navigate to pages that describe the service they offer, the ordering process, a page that discusses government grant eligibility, sample programs, and other helpful information.

The service itself consists of 24x7 access to their online government grant directory, which is updated weekly as new government grants become available from various sources. The database is quite large, boasting over 20,000 government grant sources at any given time. With your purchase you can access live online assistance from a government grant specialist, and video tutorials to assist you with the government grant application process. This is all for a one time affordable fee, competitive with other government grant sites we've reviewed.

Better still is that Grants For All offers a complete 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the resources they provide in the first 56 days after purchase. Testimonials provide positive experiences that fellow consumers have had getting government grants for education, starting up a business, and even for disaster recovery when using the resources provided by this service.

With a terrific website, competitive pricing, a huge and constantly updated government grant list, personal assistance and a money back guarantee, Grants For All earns our highest rating.

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Federal Grant Source promises that free money is available for the taking. The presumption is that the service offered on this website will tell the consumer just where to find this free money. This website continues to make big promises and some outlandish claims.

At Federal Grant Source we were disappointed that the website provides links to several testimonials from legal analysts, entrepreneurs and other people claiming to have had success seeking free money through grants. However, when we went to review these videos, the links did not lead us to testimonials but instead sent us to website called Audio Acrobat that appeared to be selling a video/audio web tool. Every link on Federal Grant Source that would have provided us with more information about their service perplexingly linked us to this site, and we could not listen to any of the information supposedly provided in the videos. Needless to say we found this a bit odd and unhelpful, and made us question the quality of the website.

The only thing left to do on the website was to sign up for the service. There is a simple box that requires you to choose the type of grant you are seeking, and then enter your name and e-mail address. Under this there is a disclaimer that says you are signing up for the "Accelerated Grant Program" for an additional cost.

When the information is submitted however, you are told that the initial price paid is for a 7 day trial and that there is a monthly fee for their service. For this they promise access to an online service that provides "directories, trainings, applications and resources" for applying for government grants. This is higher than many similar websites we reviewed, and there are no money back guarantees offered if the product does not help you obtain a grant.

That aspect of Federal Grant Source combined with the poor quality of the rest of the website, we have given Federal Grant Source low marks in our review.

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Government Grants

Government grants provide US citizens access to money that may be used for a variety of reasons. Research projects, business development, education, and much more can be funded by federally subsidized government programs and are available to those people that apply for government grants and are subsequently accepted.

The challenge with government grants is knowing which ones exist today and how to apply for them. However, there are a number of websites that provide membership access to databases and directories of the best government grant programs. These databases are updated regularly and offer grant seekers the details of the government grant, their requirements, and submission information.

Government grant websites are never the same. Many companies make lofty promises but provide little in return for your membership fee. Before choosing a government grant website, you should consider the following:

  • Professionalism. Government grant websites are notoriously full of promises and lacking in professionalism. When looking for government grant money, will the website provide what it promises?
  • Cost. How much does the membership cost for the government grant website, and how does that compare to the competition?
  • Return policy. If you aren't satisfied with the government grant directory and information, are you able to cancel your membership access and get your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best government grant services available today. We hope these reviews help you find the government grant you're looking for!

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