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      April 18, 2019

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Citizen Path Review

To help you find the Best Green Card Services, provides you with an in-depth Citizen Path Review.

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Get Your Green Card with Simple Citizen Today! Where do you get a Green Card? If you are not a citizen of the United States, having a green card enables you to live and work legally in the country. This identification card proves that you have permanent resident status and must be carried at all times if you are 18 and older.

There are three common ways to qualify for a green card: 1) sponsorship by a family member, 2) sponsorship by an employer, and 3) through refugee or asylum status. In the past, the green card application process was long and frustrating, sometimes taking months to complete. That's why green card services have become so popular.

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Green Card Service Reviews

3.5 stars
Citizen Path



From $37 to $127 per form

Citizen Path offers "immigration forms made simple". Using their Green Card Center, you'll find a wealth of resources to help you understand the process of applying for or renewing your permanent resident status.

You'll need to click on the "Start for Free" button on the How It Works page (or the Immigration Form Finder in green at the top of the site). You'll be asked to select your current status (such as Permanent Resident, Undocumented, or DACA grantee) and what action you're hoping to take (such as getting a 10-year green card). You'll then be given a list of forms necessary for you to apply for that outcome.

Be aware that Citizen Path is a pay-per-form service. For example, we were told we needed the Form I-751 for our situation, and the fee was $97. Citizen Path gave us step-by-step instructions for filling it out, and personalized filing instructions when it was finished. This service gets points for not requiring payment until the form is finished to our satisfaction. We were also able to access live customer support, either by phone or email. You may not need that live support; many clients say that they got automatic alerts if anything they entered on their forms was incorrect, and they were able to fix it without any help.

You may be able to get an extra 10% off of your fees with Citizen Path: when we used the site, we got a pop-up offering that discount if we signed up for their email newsletter.

We love the guarantees that Citizen Path offers. First, they guarantee that your form will be accepted by USCIS; if any form you prepared through Citizen Path is rejected, you'll get a refund of your entire fee (as long as the rejection isn't due to incorrect/false information or failure to follow the service's instructions). Second, Citizen Path also has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with their service; of course, this doesn't cover any dissatisfaction due to processing delays, governmental responses, or "changes to your situation or your state of mind".

How does Citizen Path measure up when compared with other services? Overall customer opinion is positive: we found numerous 4- and 5-star reviews that said the process was easy and affordable. The largest drawback we found is the lack of attorney review; Citizen Path is very quick to state that they do not offer any kind of legal advice, and because of this there is no attorney review included as part of their service fees. This does put them slightly lower than more comprehensive green card services, because you'll have to pay an attorney on your own if you want that additional peace of mind.

Overall, Citizen Path does make it simple to determine the forms that you'll need for your green card application, and they enjoy a solid reputation among previous clients. They're a good choice for individuals whose situation is fairly straightforward, and for those who don't need a lawyer to advise them or review their application.

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Traditionally, whichever path made the most sense for you, the green card application process would take several months - or longer - with a large amount of paperwork to be completed. Many green card hopefuls became frustrated while completing the forms necessary for their application. And it was not unusual for green card applications to be returned for a single error, creating further delays and possibly resulting in rejection of the applicant.

For these reasons, green card services have become popular. Why risk unnecessary delays and having your application rejected if you can work with an experienced professional to make sure that everything is in order? These services range from do-it-yourself application packets that are reviewed by immigration experts, to full-service companies with attorneys that have years of experience in immigration law that can help you through every step of the process.

It's important to understand that for people who "entered without inspection" - or who came into the US without interacting with a border agent (for example, an "undocumented immigrant") - there may be even fewer ways to get permanent resident status. As immigration laws have changed several times over the last few years, you should be aware of whatever the current possibilities may be for your particular situation.

Which green card service is right for you? As you consider the various green card srevices, here are several things to keep in mind:

  • Cost. How much will you need to spend to get your green card application filled out and submitted properly? Does the company charge for each document, or do they offer a flat-fee package?
  • Reputation. Does the green card service have an established track record for helping applicants get their green card as quickly and easily as possible? Do clients have good things to say about working with the people at the company?
  • Simplicity. Is the website easy to use? Does the business make the green card process easy to understand? Do you have a clear picture of what your green card application process will be like? has reviewed and ranked the best Green Card services currently available. We hope that this information helps you obtain your green card and permanent resident status, so that you can work and live in the United States, as quickly as possible!

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ALLAN WERNICK: You can file to get child a green card in the Immediate Relative category

Yes. If you file for her before she turns 21 and she remains unmarried until she immigrates, she'll qualify under the Immediate Relative category. There is no quota in that category, so her only wait ...

Published:  Thu, 11 Apr 2019 00:11:00 GMT

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