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What Can Home Automation Do?

A home automation system can provide an avenue for reducing energy usage within an average household. One way this reduction is realized is through conservation by the preprogramming of devices connected to the home's system, rather than having to troll the house looking for things to switch off before leaving and then wondering if you did.

From as simple a thing as remotely turning off electric lights, to the scheduled denying of power, to the 'Instant-on' feature of so many of today's electric appliances and electronic gadgets, savings on electric usage can be controlled automatically by today's generation of home automation systems.

Heat producing devices such as electric hot water heaters continue to consume energy, round-the-clock, to maintain their preset temperatures when savings could be realized by shutting down the device during specified, non-use, hours. A home automation system would handle this task automatically.

The on-demand feature of a home automation system is equally useful for trimming electric usage. For instance, programmable thermostats for home heating and air conditioning have been on the market for decades and live up their intended purpose, yet they are bound by their parameters - set it and forget it. Set the programmable thermostat for 5 p.m. and the furnace or AC kicks in at the appointed time, whether or not you're getting home for supper that evening nor maybe breakfast the next day. With the on-demand feature of a home automation system, using your Smartphone, you can keep your furnace or air conditioner at reduced output until you tell it otherwise.

Security is an equally important feature provided by home automation systems. Most systems are used in conjunction with a outside monitoring service provide response to intrusion and fire. Windows and doors are monitored by devices and unauthorized entry results in audible alarms and prompt, manned response.

However, with the use of add-on components, home security can be significantly enhanced. Remote controlled locks can be integrated into the home automation system allowing you to lock or unlock house doors and garage doors from your Smartphone. You can even have the doggy door tweet you when Rover uses it.

Outdoor and indoor cameras, remotely controlled and with streaming video can also be used with the home automation system and viewed on your Smartphone.

Indoor and outdoor lighting which has been integrated into the home automation system can be turned off and on, with dimmer control, even on lights which do not have integral dimmer switches.

In the event of a power outage, home automation systems also come with a long-life battery back-up system, allowing the system to maintain vigilance over your home whether or not you are there, an important feature should you and your family need to be evacuated from your home due to natural or man-made disaster. It should be noted however, that a system generally cannot provide power to any other electrical system other than its monitoring functions.

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