March 23, 2018

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How Much Space Do You Need With A Home Gym?

We’ve all heard the recommendation – at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days per week in order to stay healthy and fit.

However, knowing it and actually finding time to do it usually are two very different things.

What counts as moderate physical activity? Walking, biking, dancing or swimming all fall into the category of moderate exercise. Yoga and weight lifting also are beneficial and count toward the daily recommended amount of exercise.

For some people, the obvious choice in getting their 30 minutes is through a gym or health club membership. Clubs such as these provide a variety of both cardio and weight machines for client usage, as well as exercise classes to help mix things up once in awhile. While gym memberships can be great, they also can be quite expensive. For those who do not have the average annual cost of $650 for a gym membership in their budget, a great alternative is a home gym.

But how much space do you need with a home gym? The answer depends on the kind of equipment you wish to incorporate into your exercise area.

If space is an issue for you, equipment which folds up and is easily stored is an excellent option. Some products on the market today are designed for space-challenged fitness buffs who want to maximize the usage of their space without totally taking it over with bulky exercise equipment. Among the top-rated equipment for those with limited space includes:

  • Bowflex Home Gym. This gym uses resistance power rods to provide an excellent weight-training workout. There are several versions of this gym available, some of which can be folded up and easily stored in a closet or under a bed when the user is finished. Cost for the equipment ranges from $650 to $3,000, depending on the model purchased.
  • Total Gym. Available since 1974, this equipment is among the oldest and well-tested folding products on the market. It uses gravity-based resistance to strengthen and sculpt the body through a variety of exercises. When the user is finished with the product, it easily folds flat and can be stored under a bed or in a closet. Price range for this equipment is between $350 and $1,000 depending on the model purchased.

Exercise bikes and treadmills also come in varieties which can be easily stored or folded up to make them more compact.

Not interested in purchasing equipment, folding or otherwise? There are options for a good home workout that do not include traditional equipment. Exercise videos can be a great way to work out at home without taking up space at all. There is a variety of options on the market today to suit every exerciser, from power yoga to Pilates and extreme cardio workouts. They can be a great alternative for those who truly do not have the space for using or storing traditional workout machines and gear.

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