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With 15 years of experience in online sales, Wayfair has one of the most organized sites for shoppers to visit. Their huge inventory of home safes offers a wide variety of quality brand names, with helpful search-engine tools to aid in your decision making. New customers will enjoy great customer service and ease in finding answers to questions.

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The Home Security Superstore offers a good variety of home safes and locks, with an inventory of over 50 brand names. Shoppers will appreciate the easy to navigate and customer focused website. They are a Better Business Bureau accredited company boasting over 10,000 positive reviews. New customers can also rest assured that all their questions will be answered by a qualified home safe professional.

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With a long history of excellent customer service, Home Depot is a good solution for your home safe needs. They offer a wide range of brands, coming in a variety of sizes. The company is known for resolving customer concerns, especially with returning items. Shoppers will enjoy making a purchase, knowing that this company will work with them if they are not satisfied.

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Buy a Safe offers a wide variety of home safe selections. Those who are unsure what kind of safe they need will appreciate the selection-narrowing feature. This tool helps customers distinguish between the type of safe they want and the options within different brands. Customers can then make an educated decision and enjoy this informative and organized site.

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Lowe's offers a wide selection of home safes. Customers can budget accordingly by taking advantage of website features designed to refine one's search. A downside to shopping with Lowe's is that they do not guarantee any stated online offers. We found that, at times, Lowe's is also out of stock on certain home safes which may require some confusion while shopping.

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GunSafes offers a wide range of home safe-related products. They also offer "White Glove" delivery services for those purchasing heavy home safes. New customers should have no problem finding a safe to suit their needs. While GunSafes provides a solid selection of home safe options we found numerous complaints of customer service issues that may create unnecessary stress for the online shopper.

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While Walmart isn't the first name one thinks of for home safes, we were surprised to find a broad range of choices. Customers will find the safe they need for the price they want to spend. But, Walmart lacks the in-depth product information we found at companies ranked higher. We were also concerned with the fluctuating return policies. Shoppers can't shop with much confidence not knowing if an item purchased online is returnable or not.

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Home Safes

Do you have family heirlooms you wish to pass on to your children? Do you want to protect important documents from a flood? Do you own a firearm and need to ensure your loved ones don't accidentally get hurt handling it? Do you have a diamond necklace or ring that you cherish?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider getting a home safe. While there are many types of home safes, the best safe to meet your needs will be a combination of both personal taste and design.

There are a number of options to consider before purchasing a safe for your home. Some of these include:

  • Biometric: Do you want your safe lock to require a fingerprint?
  • Wall: Do you want your safe installed into a wall?
  • Diversion: Do you want to camouflage where you keep your valuables in what might appear to be a book or soda can?
  • Floor: Do you have a larger item to store?
  • Gun: Do you have a firearm you want to store safely?
  • Fireproof/Waterproof: Do you have important documents like a birth certificate or marriage license you need to protect from damage?

Another feature to consider carefully is what kind of lock you want on your safe. Do you want to open your safe with a key? Would you prefer a biometric lock? Or perhaps you might like a keypad? How about a combination lock? Maybe you want an electronic lock? You have many options.

To assist you with this decision, has reviewed the best Home Safe companies available today. We hope that seeing the pros and cons of each company will help you choose what kind of safe will work best in your home!

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