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Home School Supplies Reviews

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Nest Learning offers a tremendous amount of Home School Supplies at affordable prices. If you're in the market for home school supplies, Nest Learning should be your first choice.

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K12 School Supplies offers an abundance of educational material for teachers in the classroom or at home. The prices are some of the lowest among those reviewed but the shopping experience is less informative and organized.

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Knowledge Box Central creates and interactive learning experience for home schoolers that is said to reinforce education for better retention. The website had some opportunities for improvement but we were excited about many of the products available.

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ABC Home Preschool offers a straightforward, yet short, product list for preschool aged students. Expertise was in question but we liked the laminated pages and option to reuse for additional children

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Home Schooling Supply didn't meet our needs for even the basics like curriculum and electives. The website appearance and functionality was seriously lacking. We recommend you choose a higher ranked company for your home school supply needs.

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Home School Supplies

Millions of U.S. children are home schooled each year. Parents often choose home schooling over a public or private education due to religion, problems with teachers or schools, schedule challenges, and more. For home educators it's important to have the educational tools needed to give a child the best education possible.

Finding a wide selection of home school supplies is a challenge for those that rely on local retailers. The web is now the #1 choice for parents looking for the right curriculum, tests, worksheets, videos and home educational resources available today. From the convenience of your home computer you can quickly find the home school supplies you need without several trips across town.

But which website offers the best home educational supplies for your family? Not all companies offer the same products. Consider the following important factors:

  • Selection. What type of home school upplies are available? Do they offer a complete list of home school curriculum and courses needed each year?
  • Cost. How do the home school supply prices compare to other websites? Is there an opportunity to save money?
  • Website. Is the home school supply website well organized and easy to navigate? Or will your shopping experience leave you frustrated and empty handed? has reviewed and ranked the best home school supply companies available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right educational materials for your home schooling!

Home Schooling In The News

Should You Homeschool Your Children Seven Reasons Why You Should

Pastor and author James Emery White doesn't just think homeschooling is important - he believes it's critical. "I believe, to the core of my being, that every parent who can (and not all can) should homeschool their children," White writes in a recent ...

Published:  Sat, 26 May 2018 14:57:00 GMT

Child abuse case in California spotlights lack of oversight of home schooling

The arrest of a California couple accused of abusing their 10 children - including waterboarding them, shooting them with crossbows and pouring scalding water on them, prosecutors said - is the latest case to raise questions about the oversight of home ...

Published:  Thu, 17 May 2018 15:04:00 GMT

Is Hybrid Homeschooling The Wave Of The Future

Homeschooling is on the rise in America. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, from 1999 to 2012 the number of homeschooled children more than doubled, from 850,000 to 1.8 million. According to EdChoice's 2017 Schooling in America ...

Published:  Mon, 21 May 2018 05:46:00 GMT

Home-schooling cooperative outlines resources

McALLEN - Founded in April 2016 as a means to offer support to home-schooling families of the Rio Grande Valley, the RGV Homeschool Outreach Liaison has grown in membership and in programs offered. This May, the coalition brought guest speaker Nathan ...

Published:  Sun, 20 May 2018 17:31:00 GMT

The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling

BALTIMORE-Racial inequality in Baltimore's public schools is in part the byproduct of long-standing neglect. In a system in which eight out of 10 students are black, broken heaters forced students to learn in frigid temperatures this past winter.

Published:  Thu, 17 May 2018 09:11:00 GMT

Practical Homeschooling Magazine Adds a Digital Edition

"We have always offered our print edition to subscribers around the world," says Mary Pride, publisher of Practical Homeschooling, "but copies arrived slowly and we had to charge extra for overseas shipping. At last, millions of overseas English-speaking ...

Published:  Thu, 17 May 2018 05:42:00 GMT

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