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Home Security in New Mexico

New Mexico residents are much more likely to become victims of property crime than most other states in America: if you call that state home, you face a 1 in 27 chance of experiencing motor vehicle theft, burglary, or other property crime, in addition to the more severe crime of home invasion. What can you do to better protect the people you love and your property?

There are many simple, inexpensive things you can do on our own to increase your home security. Heavy-duty, high-quality deadbolts and solid core doors can make your entrances much less burglar-friendly. If you have windows that slide on horizontal tracks, a wooden dowel can be placed in those tracks to serve as reinforcement to your window latches. Sliding glass doors can also be protected by using locks that prevent the door from being lifted out of its track. Of course, the simplest way to stop criminals from having easy access to your home is to remember to close and lock or latch all doors and windows when you leave!

On the other hand, no amount of locking or latching can offer the kind of protection and peace of mind that you can get from an electronic home security system. The most popular home security systems today will give you 24-hour monitoring at a price you can afford. If you regularly travel for business or pleasure for longer periods of time, you may want to choose a package that includes remote-control access to your system; you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get system updates at your convenience, making sure that everything is safe and secure at home from anywhere in the world.

If you rent your residence, a wireless home security system can give you increased protection without requiring the permission of your landlord, as such systems are easily installed and uninstalled and do not need to be connected into the existing wiring on the property.

No matter your living situation, if you live in New Mexico you have a number of ways to keep your belongings and family safe and sound at home.


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