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Home Security in Rhode Island

In the state of Rhode Island, residents face a 1 in 41 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. For those who want to increase their home security and not be one of the more than five thousand people who are burglarized in an average year, there are a number of ways they can better protect themselves.

Rhode Islanders can choose from several home security companies who offer affordable packages with the most current technology. One of the most popular options is the ability to remotely control home security system components: from the thermostat to garage door, customers can use their iPhones, Android tablets, or laptop computers to make any desired changes. This feature is particularly desirable for frequent travelers, giving them the peace of mind of knowing that all is well at home no matter where in the world they may be.

Renters in Rhode Island may want to look into purchasing a wireless home security system. These systems can be installed and taken down easily, and without the need for connection into any existing wiring. For tenants whose landlords do not offer electronic home security, wireless systems let them have greater protection on their own terms.

An inexpensive home safe gives both homeowners and renters a secure location to store jewelry and other valuables, documents, and cash out of reach of not only burglars but also invited guests (e.g. babysitters, housekeepers, visiting relatives). For maximum security, safes should be bolted directly into flooring or permanent shelving; the best location is anywhere other than the master bedroom and its closet.

Finally, being wise when leaving home for significant lengths of time can protect all Rhode Islanders: lock all doors and windows. Make arrangements for mail and other deliveries as well as grass-cutting or snow removal. Set lights on automatic timers that mimic normal occupancy, turning on lights, TVs, or radios at the times they would normally be in use, and off at bedtime.


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