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Home Security in South Carolina

South Carolina residents experience property crime at a markedly higher rate than the rest of the United States: the average person has a 1 in 28 chance of becoming a victim of property crime, such as motor vehicle theft or burglary. To better protect themselves against burglars and home invaders, many homeowners in South Carolina have chosen to use electronic home security systems.

Most home security systems today give customers 24-hour monitoring of every installed component: door and window sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, and so on. Some packages offer the ability to control home security system components remotely, using any Internet-connected device (e.g. iPad, cell phone, laptop) to lock doors (or even close garage doors left open unintentionally), change thermostat settings, or even see via live camera feed various areas of a home. Understandably, this feature is rapidly becoming popular for people who are often away from home for work or leisure, giving them a greater sense of peace as they have the ability to see for themselves that all is well at home at any time they choose.

In addition to home security systems, homeowners and renters in North Carolina can take basic measures on their own to make it less likely to become a target for would-be criminals. Having a home safe, installed directly into flooring or permanent shelving, provides a location for storage of important documents, cash or other valuables; it is recommended that safes be kept anywhere besides the master bedroom, as that is generally the first place burglars will look.

Solid-core doors with heavy-duty deadbolts make it harder for intruders to gain access, but many burglaries would have been prevented if residents simply closed and locked doors and windows before leaving home. Finally, making sure to have mail and other deliveries picked up by a neighbor can help avoid the appearance of having an unoccupied residence while on vacation.


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