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      November 22, 2018

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Home Security in Alabama

Alabama MapAccording to FBI statistics, Alabama experiences a significant number of burglaries and other property crimes. In an average year, more than 200,000 state residents experience a violation of their safety and privacy, which could be prevented with the use of a home security system in conjunction with smart personal habits and decision-making.

With respect to home security systems, Alabama residents have been most satisfied with packages that offer reasonable pricing, 24/7 monitoring, and that use the most up-to-date technology. For those who are renting a home or apartment, wireless home security systems offer the best flexibility with the least hassle to install. Remote technology - using smartphones and tablets to control the security system - is gaining rapidly in the market as it allows users to lock doors, set alarms, and even check thermostats from any location they choose.

In addition to installing and using a home security system, it is also critical to use good judgment in personal habits. For example, most homeowners in Alabama can benefit from getting to know their neighbors. This relationship allows entire communities to look out for each other and to notice quickly if there is any suspicious behavior. Neighbors can keep an eye on one another's property when residents are on vacation, bringing in the mail or even offering to park their car in the driveway of the unoccupied property.

Even simple changes to a home can offer protection. For instance, interior and exterior lighting can easily be used to convey the message to would-be burglars that a home is not only occupied but also difficult to approach unseen. Alabama residents should ensure that any timers used on lights and other devices simulate the patterns that would be present if the home were occupied (i.e. lights turn on and off at normal hours, rather than being turned on all night long).

A reliable home security company that also offers such suggestions will easily meet the needs of most Alabama households.


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