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      September 24, 2018

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Home Security in Alaska

Alaska MapIf you are a resident of Alaska, your chance of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 35. Chances are, you or someone you know has already experienced this violation of privacy and safety. Many Alaskans are looking to home security companies to protect themselves and the ones they love.

The most popular features of home security packages in Alaska are 24/7 monitoring, affordable pricing, and the most current technology. One such home security technology that is rapidly gaining in popularity is remote control: using a tablet, smartphone, or other device, homeowners can lock doors, check the status of their property, or even change settings on a thermostat from anywhere on the planet. Wireless systems offer additional convenience and ease of installation for those who are renting homes or apartments, allowing renters to have peace of mind with home security that is under their own control.

Being aware of simple strategies for home security is another means by which Alaskans can protect themselves against burglary and home invasion. For example, making a home or apartment more difficult to enter can deter burglars from even making the attempt. Using heavy-duty, quality deadbolt locks and strike plates are one such way to secure doors, while making sure windows are not left unlocked or open removes another place of entry. Windows can be further reinforced by using blocking devices like wooden dowels or sticks in windows that slide horizontally, or through-the-frame pins in those that open vertically. Even placing home security stickers in prominent places (e.g. front door, windows, etc.) can communicate to potential criminals that a particular home in Alaska will be difficult to enter without detection or capture.

Selecting a reputable home security company is part of an overall home protection strategy that would benefit most Alaskan households and help protect them from becoming a victim of crime.


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