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      March 17, 2018

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Home Security in Arkansas

Arkansas MapHome security companies in Arkansas are seeing a surge in clients as the state's property crime rate has reached one in every 28 residents. Homeowners and renters alike are seeking home security packages that can provide 24/7 monitoring and reasonable prices while utilizing the most up-to-date technology available.

One of those current technologies in home security is the ability to remotely control most aspects of an installed system: receiving real-time status updates, setting alarms, controlling thermostats, and even locking doors. Also, Arkansas residents who rent homes or apartments are taking advantage of wireless home security systems; the ease-of-installation and convenience let renters control their protection needs no matter what landlords may or may not have in place.

Most Arkansas residents have other home security strategies at their disposal that are easy to implement. For instance, getting to know neighbors affords a net of awareness and protection to entire communities; as people become more connected, they can more easily detect when there is suspicious behavior in the area and either make the homeowner aware or enlist the help of the police. Neighbors can agree to look after each other's homes while on vacation - picking up mail and newspapers, or even parking cars in each other's driveways, give the impression that a residence is still occupied.

Also, simple upgrades to homes and apartments - brighter exterior lighting, interior lighting on timers that mimic daily usage habits, heavy-duty deadbolt locks and door strike plates, and blocking devices in sliding glass patio doors - can give Arkansas households additional peace of mind for very little expense and effort.

In Arkansas, choosing a home security company while implementing some basic do-it-yourself solutions is an easy process that will allow residents to better prevent the emotional, physical, and financial damage that accompanies any invasion of their homes' privacy and safety.


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UAMS fixing alarm system after siren rings in Little Rock

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School fire alarm policies under review

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Gun violence protest and a tale of two more schools

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McKinley High School to test 'blue box' security system

A fire alarm was reportedly pulled before gunfire erupted through ... "We also have portable panic buttons that keep individuals, the principal can keep, and start the system anywhere," LeDuff said. The technology can also be set up to let parents ...

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Little Rock Car Thief Bypasses Home Security Systems

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