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      November 14, 2018

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Home Security in California

California MapIn California, the average resident faces a one in 38 chance of becoming a victim of property crime, such as burglary or motor vehicle theft. Residents are having to reconsider their home security needs as they seek to prevent becoming another statistic.

Most apartment and home burglaries happen during the day when residents are usually out of the house, working or attending school. While 70% of burglaries require some degree of forcible entry, open doors and windows provide easy access. Home security systems offer both homeowners and renters a means of protecting themselves from this invasion of their safety and privacy.

The most widely-used home security systems in California have around-the-clock monitoring and use the most current technologies available, all for pricing that is affordable for clients. Wireless home security systems are particularly popular among renters, offering easy installation and flexibility in its use as there may be no security system in place at the property.

Additionally, remote technology has increased exponentially in popularity as home security system owners in California have embraced the versatility of being able to check on their residences, set alarms, change thermostat settings, and even lock doors while they are away. This has offered a new degree of peace of mind to California residents as they work, go to school, or travel, knowing that they can check in real-time that their homes and belongings are secure.

Naturally, no home security system can substitute for common sense: getting to know neighbors, making sure windows are not only closed but also latched when the house is empty, and setting automatic timers on lights and radios to imitate real-life usage are all easy strategies to further discourage potential burglars from targeting homes.

Most home security companies in California will offer such tips to their clients as they work together to customize the best package and approach for every individual home's needs.


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