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      April 27, 2018

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Home Security in Colorado

Colorado MapIn Colorado, the average resident faces a one in 38 chance of becoming a victim of burglary, motor vehicle theft, or other property crimes. Many residents are reconsidering their home security needs as they seek to prevent becoming another statistic.

The most popular features of home security packages in Colorado are 24/7 monitoring and reasonable prices for services utilizing the most current technologies. One such technology that is becoming very popular is remote control: using a tablet, smartphone, or other device, homeowners can lock doors, check the status of their property, or even change settings on a thermostat from their workplace, school, or even their favorite vacation spot. Wireless systems offer additional convenience and ease of installation for renters of homes and apartments, allowing them to have peace of mind with home security that independent of their landlords.

Along with the use of home security systems, there are simple techniques that can be utilized by Colorado residents to protect themselves and their belongings. Quality home safes are available at affordable prices and offer a place to store important documents and personal items out of reach from not just burglars, but also babysitters, nosy housekeepers, and more. Home safes should ideally be anchored directly into the floor itself to prevent removal, and placed anywhere but the most commonly-searched places: the master bedroom and the closet.

Information safeguards can be equally important; protecting identifying details such as social security and driver's' license numbers, birthdates, and bank account numbers will help Colorado residents to prevent online and in-person identity theft.

Even simple changes to a residence can increase home security. For example, lighting indoors and out can easily be used to let potential burglars know that a home is both occupied and hard to approach unseen. Colorado residents should make sure that all timers used on lights and other devices copy the patterns of an occupied home (e.g. lights turn on and off according to a typical at-home schedule, rather than being on at all times).


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