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      February 22, 2019

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Home Security in Hawaii

Hawaii MapThe average resident of Hawaii has a 1 in 33 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in a typical year. This kind of crime includes motor vehicle theft and burglary. Fortunately, there are several options available to Hawaiians who want to increase their home security and protect themselves against burglary and the more dangerous home invasion.

First and foremost, common sense is a must. When leaving home, all doors and windows should be both closed and locked. When an absence from the home is planned for longer than a day, the home should still have the appearance of being occupied: mail and packages should not be allowed to collect on a doorstep, interior lights should be put on a timer that turns them on and off according to a usual schedule (i.e. not left on all day, every day, for a week), and if possible, a car should be left in the driveway. Potential burglars want to avoid homes that are occupied.

Even small changes like putting up brighter exterior lights, installing heavy-duty deadbolts and strike plates, along with using dowels in the tracks of horizontally-sliding windows, can convince a would-be criminal that a home is not worth the effort required to gain entry or to get away safely.

However, the most secure way to protect a home in Hawaii is through the services of a home security company. Renters and homeowners both can benefit from home security packages that include around-the-clock live monitoring and that make use of the most modern technology to give clients increased peace of mind. Many Hawaiians who spend a good deal of time away from home - at work, school, or even on vacation - use remote-control capabilities offered by many home security companies to shut off lights, lock doors, or check the status of their homes using their tablets or smartphones.


CPI Security Systems

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