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      February 17, 2019

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Home Security in Indiana

Indiana MapStatewide, Indiana experiences a higher likelihood than neighboring Illinois with respect to property crime rates. Despite Chicago's notorious high crime rates, Illinois residents see 1 in every 44 people falling victim to some form of property crime, while in Indiana those rates are 1 in every 35. While the reasons for that difference are debatable, it is clear that Indiana residents can benefit from improvements in their home security measures.

Commonsense strategies are a first step towards prevention of burglary and home invasion. Homeowners should ensure that their homes do not present an attractive target to would-be criminals. Burglars prefer homes that are easy to enter, so any steps taken to reinforce doors, locks, and windows will make it more difficult for them to gain entrance. It may seem obvious, but residents of homes and apartments alike should make sure that windows and doors are not only closed but also locked before leaving for the day. Criminals also seek homes that will conceal them from view, so any bushes or trees that offer hiding places near windows and doors should be kept trimmed back or eliminated altogether.

Unfortunately, such steps may not be enough to prevent unauthorized entry to Indiana homes. Home security systems can give homeowners and renters more peace of mind and protection. Most home security packages use cutting-edge technology to give residents constant coverage of their system at prices they can afford. Many companies offer - free or for an additional cost - the ability for their clients to control their home security systems remotely. From work, school, or even from a vacation on the other side of the world, users can see that their home is protected, the lights are on (or off), and the doors are locked.

Renters can also protect their homes and belongings using a wireless home security system; they can easily install, configure, and use such devices without needing to get the permission or participation of their landlords to do so.


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