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      May 25, 2018

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Home Security in Iowa

Iowa MapIn an average year, there are 15,868 burglaries in the state of Iowa. For victims of such property crimes, developing and implementing a thorough plan for home security can restore feelings of safety and security. Even for Iowans who have not experienced home invasion or other crime in their homes, knowing that one in every 46 residents of the state will be victimized is a strong motivation to take steps to make that less likely to occur.

Home security systems are at the forefront of protecting homes and apartments from would-be criminals. Iowa has a number of reputable companies that give clients 24/7 monitoring of their home at affordable prices. Modern technology is a large component of these home security systems, especially with respect to remote usage. Customers can use their tablet, laptop, or cell phone to activate their alarms, lock doors, turn lights on, or even change the settings of the thermostat. As most burglaries happen when homes are unoccupied, this remote access provides extra peace of mind while at work, school, or even on vacation.

Some Iowans who rent homes or apartments appreciate the convenience and easy installation of wireless home security systems, partly because those systems can be put in place without needing the help (or permission) of the landlord.

Home security systems should be used in conjunction with good decision-making. For example, maintaining relationships within Iowa neighborhoods casts a wider safety net over entire communities as residents look after one another, reporting any suspicious activity to the police and keeping an eye on each other's properties while people are on vacation. Also, making sure that doors and windows are closed and locked or latched stops intruders from having easy access to homes. Finally, having a home safe that is bolted to the floor or to permanent shelving stops invited guests such as babysitters and house cleaners from accessing important documents, expensive jewelry, or even cash.


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