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      May 25, 2018

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Home Security in Kentucky

Kentucky MapOut of every 42 Kentucky residents, one will become a victim of property crime. Many of the state's 26,213 burglaries in an average year could have been prevented through easy-to-implement changes and the use of a home security system.

Burglars target homes that are easy to enter and exit, and that have high-value items that can be carried out without difficulty. Both homeowners and renters in Kentucky can make sure to close and lock windows and doors every time their residences will be unoccupied for any length of time. When going on vacation, mail and newspapers should be put on hold, or picked up by a willing, well-known neighbor, and interior lights should be put on timers that imitate a normal day's schedule (e.g. turning on at dusk and off at bedtime).

Using a good-quality home safe - preferably one that is permanently bolted to a floor or shelving unit, and that is hidden somewhere other than the master bedroom or closet - can keep important documents, cash, and expensive jewelry safe from burglars and from people invited into the home (babysitters, house cleaners, even nosy family members). Finally, having bright exterior lights and keeping bushes and other landscaping trimmed away from windows and doors make it likely that a burglar would be seen entering or exiting, and making a residence less of a target for crime.

Home security systems in Kentucky are another way of getting safety and peace of mind in both houses and apartments. Wireless systems are particularly popular for those who are renting, because they can be installed and used easily and without needing to enlist the help (or get the permission) of a landlord; most rentals do not offer electronic home security systems. Remote technology offered by many home security companies allows customers to check the status of their alarms, lock or unlock doors, and even turn lights on and off via tablet, laptop, or smartphone. This feature is especially popular for Kentucky residents who travel often and want to see that everything at home is safe and sound in their absence.


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