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      July 21, 2018

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Home Security in Louisiana

Louisiana MapIn Louisiana, home security companies are providing residents with peace of mind and protection from burglary and home invasion. With one out of every 28 residents experiencing property crime - 41,184 burglaries in just one average year - home security systems are more popular than ever.

People in Louisiana appreciate home security companies that can offer around-the-clock protection and monitoring using the most current technologies, and at prices they can afford. Laptops and mobile devices can even be used to get real-time status updates, lock doors, change thermostat settings, and turn lights on and off. For Louisiana residents who are away from home regularly - attending school, working late hours or out-of-state, or vacationing - the ability to see that everything is well on the home front often rests in the palms of their hands.

Even if landlords don't provide home security protection, renters can take advantage of wireless systems that can be put in place and configured with no input from the property owner, giving tenants the confidence of having their protection under their own control.

Home security also goes beyond electronics. Doors can be reinforced using heavy-duty deadbolts, sliding glass doors can be protected using locking devices that prevent the door from being lifted out of their tracks, and brighter exterior lighting (both on a switch and triggered by motion sensors) are simple measures that can be taken by the average homeowner. It might seem obvious, but something as basic as making sure to close and lock all windows and doors can take away an easy entry point for a would-be burglar in a Louisiana neighborhood.

Home safes also offer inexpensive protection for documents, jewelry, cash, and other valuables that might not be targeted by burglars alone, but also by housekeepers, babysitters, and other people invited into the home. Safes should be permanently affixed to a floor or shelving unit to prevent their removal.


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