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      May 22, 2018

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Home Security in Maine

Maine MapLogical strategies are a first step towards prevention of burglary and home invasion in Maine. Residents should make their homes an unattractive target to potential burglars. Criminals look for homes that are easy to enter and exit, so reinforcing locks, doors, and windows will make their job more difficult. It may seem obvious, but residents of homes and apartments alike should make sure that windows and doors are not only closed but also locked before leaving for the day. Home invaders target properties that offer hiding places, so landscaping near doors and windows should be kept trimmed or entirely eliminated.

Home security systems are a more thorough way for Mainers to avoid becoming a statistic, as one in 44 state residents will become a victim of property crime in a typical year. Maine-based customers have a range of home security companies offering services that include 24/7 monitoring packages at affordable prices. Today's technology includes the ability to control home security systems remotely, using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to ensure that all's well at home - from Bangor or Bangkok. As most unauthorized home entry happens when homes are unoccupied - while residents are away on vacation, working, or at school - home security systems offer coverage no matter the circumstance.

A third component of improving home security is the home safe. Good-quality safes are inexpensive and can protect Mainers' jewelry, cash, important documents, and other valuables from intruders and nosy house guests alike. It is important that the safe be installed away from typically-searched places (such as the master bedroom and the closet), and that it be permanently mounted to shelving or directly into the floor so as to prevent its removal.

Choosing an appropriate home security company, along with implementing some basic precautions, will help Maine residents to protect themselves from property crime.


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