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      July 20, 2018

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Home Security in Michigan

Michigan MapMichigan residents can do a number of things to increase their home security and protection. For example, doors should have a solid or metal core and use heavy-duty, high-quality deadbolts and strike plates. While it's obvious that windows and doors should be both closed and locked or latched when a home is unoccupied, Michiganders can also reinforce those mechanisms with dowels in window tracks, additional latches in sliding glass doors, and other security measures.

When leaving home for longer periods of time - a vacation or business trip, for instance - automatic timers can be used on lights, radios, and other devices so that they turn off and on in patterns that simulate a normal pattern of occupancy and give the impression that someone is home. Similarly, homeowners may want to consider automatic curtain openers, as curtains that are always open or closed also can suggest that a home is not occupied.

However, even with these safety measures in place, there are still more than 56,000 burglaries in an average year; the chances of becoming a victim of burglary or other property crime are 1 in 43. Electronic home security systems are an effective means of deterring criminals from targeting a home and scaring them off if they should make the attempt. Experts in home security recommend that customers choose systems with around-the-clock monitoring; sensors on doors and windows; motion detectors both inside and out; and sirens and strobe lights to alert occupants and neighbors when the alarm has been activated. For Michiganders who are away at school, work, or on vacation for long periods of time, remote technology allows users to view their systems using a laptop, smartphone, or other wireless device; this can bring a great deal of peace of mind to see at any given moment that all is well on the home front.

Michigan home security companies can help residents choose the best package for their situation at affordable prices.


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