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      July 15, 2018

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Home Security in Nebraska

Nebraska MapNebraska residents face a 1 in 38 chance of being a victim of property crime in a given year. In one year, 8,900 Nebraskans experienced burglary. What options are available to people in the state who are looking for increased home security, not wanting to become a statistic of property crimes or home invasion?

The first step for most Nebraskans is to consult with a reputable home security company. Experts in home security will help residents to choose a system that meets their needs a price they can afford. A good system generally offers 24/7 monitoring of all components (alarms, window and door sensors, smoke detectors, etc.) and uses the most current technology possible. One such modern technology that is becoming quite popular in Nebraska is remote control home security: using a laptop, iPad, or other wireless device, homeowners can arm or disarm their system, lock and unlock doors, close garage doors that were left open by mistake, or even set the thermostat. It's easy to imagine the peace of mind that comes from being able to see that all is well at home - whether logged in from Omaha or Orlando!

Renters can also have the protection of a home security system even when it is not provided by their landlords: wireless systems can be installed without needing to be connected into any existing wiring, and can be put up and taken down easily, thus requiring no extra input or permission from the property owner.

Of course, common sense can be another way for Nebraskans to better protect their loved ones and belongings. Using motion detectors on bright exterior lights can deter potential burglars who want to enter a residence undetected. Making sure that lawns are cut or snow is cleared from sidewalks and driveways will give the impression that a home is occupied even when its owners are away on vacation. Even something as simple as closing and locking all doors and windows before leaving home can help people in Nebraska to make sure that their home is as protected as possible.


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