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      September 18, 2018

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Home Security in Oregon

Oregon MapRecent statistics indicate that property crimes in Oregon continue to be significantly higher than the national median, with a 1 in 32 chance of becoming a victim of motor vehicle theft, burglary, or other related violations of safety and privacy. There are several steps that Oregonians can take to prevent being victimized and improve their home security.

An electronic home security system can greatly increase homeowners' protection from burglary and home invasion. Most reputable home security companies offer affordable pricing on packages that include around-the-clock monitoring of all system components, such as window and door sensors, smoke detectors, and alarms. For Oregon residents who are away from home for long periods of time - on vacation or for business-related trips, for instance - they should consider home security systems with remote technology; such systems allow customers to use any Internet-connected device (e.g. laptop, iPhone, tablet) to change settings on a thermostat, lock doors, or arm the system whether they are in Portland or Porto Alegre.

Even renters can have the protection of home security, whether or not a system is provided by property owners; wireless systems allow tenants to set up and take down the components without needing to connect them into existing wiring, and thus they can avoid having to get permission from a landlord.

A good home security company will also have suggestions for residents of Oregon with respect to simple behaviors that can increase the safety of their homes and families. Some of these suggestions include locking all doors and windows when leaving home; arranging for grass to be cut or snow to be cleared while on vacation; or placing stickers with the name of a local home security company in prominent locations on doors and windows.

By consulting with a reputable Oregon home security company and taking simple, common-sense steps to protect their homes, residents can help decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of property crime.


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