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      November 16, 2018

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Home Security in Washington

Washington MapThe state of Washington has one of the highest rates of property crime in America. If you live in Washington, your chances of becoming a victim of auto theft, burglary, or other such crimes is a staggering 1 in 27. Burglaries alone reached a total of more than 58,000 in an average year. Fortunately, you have many resources at your disposal to better protect your property and your loved ones at home.

Your first, best line of defense is an electronic home security system. Most home security companies in Washington offer 24-hour monitoring at prices you can afford, using the most up-to-date technologies to keep you safe. Remote technology is quickly gaining in popularity in today's market, as customers take advantage of the feature's convenient access to their home security system via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. If your home is sometimes unoccupied for longer periods of time while you travel for business or pleasure, you could have even greater peace of mind knowing that your Internet-connected device can give you a status update, let you close the garage door you left open, or even unlock the door for the neighbor you've asked to water the houseplants while you're gone - whether you are in Tacoma or Tucson.

Even if you rent your residence, you can get a wireless home security system to keep your home secure; these wireless systems are easy to set up and take down and do not need to be connected into any existing wiring on the property, giving you protection that does not need the approval or assistance of your landlord.

Finally, using good common sense in conjunction with any home security system is a must. You might be surprised to know that a significant percentage of burglaries occur when people make the mistake of leaving doors and windows open in their absence. Even when crime is on the rise, you can take action to keep your home and family safe and sound.


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