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Home Warranty in Louisiana

What options are available to the Louisiana homeowner in mid-July when the air conditioning unit stops working? Chances are the temperature outdoors is right around 100 degrees with intense humidity, and cooler weather is nowhere in sight. A simple paper fan may provide some airflow right around the face, but this only lasts until the arm and wrist get tired. The resident can always open the refrigerator and stand in front of it, but if the utilities bill is a concern this isn't a highly recommended way to cool the house. A better and less stressful option for wise homeowners is to call the toll free number provided in the home warranty policy and ask for a repairman to come immediately. Then after the air conditioner is fixed, turn it back on high and relax in front of it, knowing your needs have been taken care of.

Home warranties provide coverage for household repairs on everything from the dishwasher to the plumbing system. Most home warranty companies offer several types of plans. Basic plans are aptly named; they cover the most essential appliances and systems of the house such as the water heater and the home electrical. Enhanced plans extend to things like the septic system and the central vacuum. Home warranties are designed to cover the needs of any home.

Who needs the coverage home warranties provide? First-time homeowners are often anxious to protect their investment. It makes sense for them to invest in a home warranty plan to reduce their expenses as repairs and replacements arise. Individuals putting their house on the market should consider purchasing a home warranty plan, as this sweetens the deal for prospective buyers. Home buyers may want to add a warranty if the home doesn't come with one, helping to offset the cost of unexpected repairs. And, residents of an older home may well be dollars ahead to have their investment under warranty, as homes ten years or older require increased maintenance.

The Louisiana resident who wants to take the extra step to care for their investments would be wise to consider home warranties.


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