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      February 23, 2019

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Home Warranty in Ohio

Ohio MapMany first time homeowners in Ohio are finding that home warranties save them thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs over an extended period. For example, a necessary plumbing job that could cost over $3,000 to fix may cost them less than $500 if they have coverage. Or instead of paying full price to fix the ceiling fans, they pay a small service fee and the rest of the cost is taken care of by the company. Home warranties have saved many residents from having to foot the bill for unexpected repairs.

Basic home warranties generally cover systems such as heating and electrical system components, plumbing, dishwasher, and garbage disposal, to name just a few. Coverage on the septic system or garage door opener may require an enhanced plan, which home warranty companies also offer.

First time homeowners are not the only people who benefit from home warranties. Anyone selling their home will want to invest in that type of coverage, as the added benefit to the package may be the major selling point. And residents with a home ten years or older would be wise to check into warranty plans, since homes begin needing maintenance and frequent repairs as they age.

Experts recommend taking three basic steps before deciding which Home Warranty company is right for you. First, choose at least three businesses with good reviews, and read up on the services each provides. Not all home warranty companies are created equal, and not all of them cover the same potential repairs in your home. Choose the plan that best fits your needs. Second, understand the limits placed upon each potential repair. Companies may pay up to a set amount on single repairs. Read the fine print to determine how much they will pay for costs. Third, be aware that you may be required to pay a little more for items that will be more expensive to repair or replace, such as a well pump or central vacuum. These steps will help to ensure that you purchase the home warranty coverage that will be best for you.

Whether buying, selling, or comfortably living in a home, home warranty protection can help provide financial peace of mind for any individual.


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And buyers who are considering a house not covered by a warranty should make their offers contingent ... P.O. Box 91428, Cleveland, Ohio, 44101-3428. Be sure to include the title.

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