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      February 17, 2019

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Home Warranty in Oklahoma

Oklahoma MapWhen the pipes in the bathroom wall begin to leak, do you have the $4,000 you will need to have them fixed? What if the water heater suddenly stops working? Many Oklahoma residents are finding that coverage through home warranties gives them the help they need when it comes to the costs of unexpected homeowner expenses.

A basic home warranty plan typically covers a broad range of household systems and appliances, ranging from sump pump to exhaust fans. If you also have a pool, spa, or central vacuum that you want to be included in the coverage, an enhanced plan will suit your needs. In terms of home repairs, paying a small premium per year could potentially save you thousands in the long run.

Who should consider home warranties as essential? First time-home buyers donít usually have extra financial resources to take care of unplanned costs, so spending a small amount per year for home protection makes sense. For a person selling a home in a competitive market, providing a home warranty in the package could be the key to making a quick sale. And for owners of older homes, placing appliances and systems under coverage may defray expenses significantly. There are home warranty providers to meet the needs of every home.

As a responsible homeowner, there are several things you should do as you are checking into home warranties. First, know what is covered. Experts recommend choosing at least three different companies and comparing their plans. The basic plan offered by one provider may cover the water heater, but not the plumbing system. A similar plan offered by another company could cover both. Read the coverage provisions and be aware of what each includes before making a decision. Second, understand the limits each home warranty company places on specific systems. Coverage may be limited to a specific dollar amount depending on the system or appliance. Third, you may need to pay for additional coverage if you want things such as the garage door opener covered under the warranty. Home systems that are more expensive to repair or replace generally cost extra to be included in the warranty. Be informed and understand the coverage your plan provides.

When things in the home go wrong, home warranties help provide the financial resources to take care of the issue and get your life running smoothly again.


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