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Hot Sauce Club Reviews

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Amazing Clubs specializes in a long list of food, drink, coffee, hot sauce clubs and more to meet any gift giving challenges you may face. Amazing Clubs currently services over half a million happy customers and is the largest club provider in existence. They have a history of consistently delivering quality products on time as you've selected.

Amazing Club provides members two highly scrutinized hot sauce flavors per month for the ultimate taste bud experience. Sauces are made in hard-to-find, limited production from gourmet chefs and restaurants around the world. Amazing Club samples hundreds of new hot sauces every year looking for the perfect combination of fire and flavor and only the best make the cut. Hot Sauces are never duplicated over the course of a membership and the selection arrives as a surprise each delivery in nice packaging that is designed to keep the product fresh and delicious during its journey to the doorstep.

Outside of high quality hot sauces you can enjoy free shipping and membership flexibility that caters to anyone's needs and budget. Whether the hot sauce is for yourself or as a gift you will be satisfied with the level of professionalism and customer service at Amazing Clubs.

Membership Overview:

  • Hot Sauce Selection: 2 bottles of gourmet hot sauce each delivery
  • Duration: 3, 6, 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Included in the cost

Upon ordering a hot sauce club membership for someone else, the recipient will receive notification of the gift along with your personalized message. You have the flexibility of printing this off, instead, at your own printer if you're rushed for time. You can also anticipate a newsletter with each hot sauce delivery explaining the origin and ingredients. In the event you aren't satisfied with your hot sauces you may cancel your membership at any time for a full refund.

We found numerous reviews and comments about satisfied Amazing Club members. Amazing Clubs also has a strong sense of customer service and has geared the company to making happy, repeat customers. If you are looking to send delicious hot sauces to a family member, friend or business contact, Amazing Clubs should be your first choice.

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Armadillo Pepper is a fun online store providing gourmet barbecue sauces, pepper jellies, hot sauces and other products that are hand selected . They offer award winning and hard-to-find hot sauces from small, boutique producers with delicious flavor. Armadillo Pepper locates their products from across the globe, taste testing for the best products to provide customers.

Membership Overview:

  • Hot Sauce Selection: 1 or 2 bottles of different gourmet hot sauces each delivery
  • Duration: 3, 6, 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Included in the cost

During the check out process you'll see that you may choose from 3, 6, or a 12 month membership. The respective cost then appears and it looks a little confusing. We did the calculations and found that, while the marked through price is a bit strange, the final cost is correct.

If you are giving a hot sauce club as a present feel free to complete a personalized message during the check out process. The first delivery is shipped within 1 week after you place your order and subsequent monthly shipments are delivered the last week of each month.

For those that enjoy adventure, Armadillo Pepper provides that along with some delicious fun. We appreciated the personal feel the website brought along with the high level of customer service. We were impressed with this mom and pop shop along and their 100% guarantee or your money back.

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Month Club Store provides a number of products available for monthly delivery. Some of the products include hot sauce, cigars, salsa, pickles, cheese balls, candles, cookies and much more. While Month Club Store has a lot of gift choices their attempt at impressing visitors, with a lack luster unattractive website, misses the mark. The flexibility of the club is also limited and you may only select monthly deliveries.

You can choose from 1 or 2 different hot sauces for your membership. This is a nice feature, but please review the value of purchasing 1 jar and the respective cost. Selections are found from food shows and meeting the people who created the sauces to hear stories. Selections may not be found on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Membership Overview:

  • Hot Sauce Selection: 1 or 2 jars of different gourmet hot sauces each delivery
  • Duration: 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Included in the cost

The website lacks detailed information that we expected from a professional gift delivery company. Not only did Month Club Store lack flexibility but they made no specific guarantee about the products nor sell us on their effort. Overall, Month Club Store provides a lack luster hot sauce club membership missing a professional website, membership flexibility and any strong reason to select them over those higher ranked.

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Hot Sauce Depot was a big disappointment. We aren't sure where they got their website but recommend they take drastic measures to improve. The navigation is poor, the look is unimpressive and we're confident that very few people will give it more than 10 seconds of their time.

Hot Sauce Depot provides spices, marinades and sauces from a number of makers. Their specialty is not monthly clubs that cater to the customer. The club is limited to 6 or 12 months and nothing in between. They also only supply 1 sauce per month from unknown and non providers. We aren't sure what criteria makes determines how a hot sauce of the month club is chosen. Very little information was available regarding the club. A gift message is available at Hot Sauce Depot if you decide to give a gift. Once you sign up you'll immediately receive the first bottle. Subsequent deliveries occur on the first week of each month.

Membership Overview:

  • Hot Sauce Selection: 1 bottle per month
  • Duration: 6 or 12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Shipping: Included in the cost

This unprofessional and uninteresting website is sure to keep people looking for something much more. The lack of information and flexibility and since of quality was a big disappointment. If you are looking for a hot sauce club we suggest you look much higher on the list.

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Hot Sauce Clubs

Are you looking for a unique gift idea? Are you tired of buying the same old gift certificate? A Hot Sauce Club is a fun, new, and exciting gift for those people in your life that love a little spice in their lives!

Each month a delivery of unique, boutique hot sauce arrives at the door step. It's like Christmas over and over again to those that love to add this popular condiment to, what seems like, all food. The flavors and brands are rarely found at your local grocery store and make for a challenging taste testing event.

Some of the names of these sauces brings a great laugh and gets the heart racing in anticipation for the test to see if their taste buds are prepared or not. Seeing just how hot each new sauce is can be a lot of fun. Eyes watering, noses running and mouth burning...and then you hear the "that's really good".

We make finding the right hot sauce club easy by reviewing each company closely for the details so that you don't have to. We've compared the following so that your purchase or gift doesn't go up in smoke:

  • Flexibility. Will you be able to select the length of hot sauce club membership and frequency that fits your needs and budget?
  • Cost. What can you expect to pay for the hot sauce club membership? Can you make monthly payments or is a flat fee required? How much hot sauce do you get for the money?
  • Satisfaction Policy. If you aren't happy with the timeliness, quality or taste of the hot sauce, are you able to stop the membership and receive any portion of your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best Hot Sauce Clubs available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best hot sauce club that meets your needs!

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