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Identity Theft in Kansas

Because identity theft is becoming increasingly prevalent, the Federal Trade Commission recommends that Kansas residents take four primary steps to better protect themselves: securing computers and other electronic devices, asking questions before choosing to share personal information, knowing with whom information will be shared, and both storing and disposing of personal information in a secure way. In this way, Kansans can avoid becoming one of the nearly 2,000 residents who report being a victim of identity theft in an average year.

Criminals often use personal information in a number of ways. Social security numbers are particularly targeted for theft, as they can be used to rent an apartment, get a job, open new lines of credit, or even to file a fraudulent tax return and walk away with taxpayer's refunds. For this reason, it is especially important for people in Kansas to protect their social security number; it should not be disclosed just because it is requested by a business, and any documents bearing an individual's social security number - including the card itself - should not be routinely carried in a purse or wallet, but rather left at home until absolutely necessary. Thieves also use stolen information to get medical care, from routine services to elective or cosmetic surgery; to drain checking and savings accounts; and to open payday loans in multiple states.

One recommended way to protect Kansas consumers is to use Identity Theft Protection services. These companies offer 24-hour monitoring of credit accounts and other uses of personal information, and can detect any suspicious activity in a matter of minutes. This offers Kansans a significant degree of peace of mind, knowing that fraudulent transactions can be stopped before they escalate into major security breaches, which can often impact their lives in costly, time-consuming ways for months - or even years.


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