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Identity Theft in Kentucky

In Kentucky, identity theft happens at a rate of 48.4 victims for every 100,000 individuals. For the 2,000 Kentuckians in a typical year who experience identity theft, the effects can be significant. Complications of Identity theft can result in an inability to obtain credit for home mortgages or automobile purchases, false imprisonment, and many other costly, time-consuming problems.

What can people in Kentucky do to avoid identity theft? Protecting their personal data is usually the best approach. Wise habits include not carrying social security cards or other documents with the number given; not providing their social security number when because a business requests it without first verifying how their information will be used and protected; checking annual credit reports ; protecting computers using anti-virus software, and using complex passwords on Internet accounts; and not giving personal details over the phone unless the call is initiated by the individual (for example. a credit cardholder would call the customer service number on the back of her card, rather than respond to a phone call that probably came from a scammer).

In addition, many Identity Theft Protection services are available in Kentucky that offer around-the-clock monitoring of personal information (e.g. bank accounts, credit inquiries, etc.) and rapid response when any suspicious activity is detected.

How do criminals use stolen identity in Kentucky? They can use personal data - a social security number, a name, an address, and so on - to obtain medical care; to open up new credit card accounts; to file a false tax return and steal the refund, without the taxpayer finding out until he tries to file his own return later in the year. It seems that new ways for criminals to steal identifying details and use it for their benefit are constantly emerging, but Kentuckians can protect themselves from identity theft with protection services and wise decisions with respect to their personal information.


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